Wonderful FREE Coursera The Science of Well-Being

The Coursera The Science of Well-Being course is all about finding out how to become a happier, more productive person. Happier people are harder working and generally more successful. They get real fulfillment out of their career. I have gone through some dark times, but I believe I have found my passion (sharing FREE professional development courses with teachers gives me a huge buzz), walking 12 km a day to work and back ( I have developed a healthy fear of public transport and parking near my school AND still finding a parking spot when I get home again is simply too much for me!) and finally, listening to motivational TED talks while I am heading to and from work.

The Coursera The Science of Well-Being course (Click here) will set you different challenges and experiments to help you to discover the best way for you to become a happier, more successful, healthier person.

Here is a fabulous collection of the The Science of Well-Being videos, so you are able to see the course before making any big decisions.

What are the benefits of this FREE Coursera The Science of Well-Being course?

This Coursera course could make a huge impact on your life. For example… 36% started a new career after completing these courses – hopefully a happier, more successful and more fulfilling one.

In addition, 34% got a tangible career benefit from this course – there view of work or their job changed. They might have got a promotion or simply begun to see their job has a real meaning to the local community around them.

In addition, you can buy a shareable certificate, which means you can actually show future employers that you have become a happier, more productive member of any team you work on. This is an increbily powerful self development achievement.

If you choose to earn a Certificate upon completion, then you will probably work hard throughout the course and for yourself, this course will feel like it has added value. You can do the course for FREE, but research has shown by simply buying the certificate at the start, you have some “skin in the game” and suddenly you will want to focus harder and gain better grades. The problem with the FREE Course is that at any time you can stop, and lose nothing. There is less motivation to power on through the tougher parts of the units and graduate successfully from this course.

This FREE Coursera The Science of Well-Being is 100% online – so you can complete it from anywhere in the world!

Start instantly and learn at your own schedule – if you want, you could do this on your daily commute while sitting on the bus or on the train or during your non-contact teaching periods. In addition, they have add flexible deadlines as Coursera understand that professionals cannot always see or plan what might be coming, and sometimes, training and professional development does need to be placed onto one site for a little bit.

The good news is you can reset deadlines in accordance to your schedule., which means that you can then start up again after whatever problems you have have been resolved and you are ready to become focused again.

This FREE Coursera The Science of Well-Being course will take approx. 19 hours to complete

It is delivered in English, but the videos do contain subtitles: English, Spanish, French

So what are you waiting for? Click here and start learning.

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