Free Maths Posters – Download one!

Are you looking for some FREE maths posters to brighten up your classroom?

10 FREE Maths Posters For Every Classroom
10 FREE Maths Posters For Every Classroom

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These posters could be used to encourage your students to think more about how to succeed in maths. They could be used in any of the many maths related national days. They can help to brighten up a classroom, while also sending out the message that maths really matters to you.

Free Maths Posters have the additional bonus of being easy to print out and display, saving you time to focus on a wide range of different, more important ideas and lesson preparation tasks.


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How to use Maths Posters in the classroom.

Posters are a quick and simple way to make a classroom a brighter, more exciting place to learn. I use posters to inspire children to become better mathematicians.

These posters are useful as starting points to discuss where mathematics appears in their every day lives. The posters provide a prompt to the students. They can say if they agree or disagree with the statements in the posters and why.

In addition, the posters can be used as a starting point for the children to create their own exciting, colourful posters. The more the children are involved in creating posters, the greater the impact. Poster building is certainly part of a the cross-curricular curriculum and brings in skills from other subjects in to their maths lessons.

Another fun way of creating posters is to actually look for original pieces of art work. Can you add comments to make them into a fun maths poster? Likewise, can you find famous photos, add funny comments and make them into memes? There are so many different ways you can make school maths posters a lot more fun!

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One thought on “Free Maths Posters – Download one!

  1. The posters are a great way of teachers getting free online posters they are able to use in their classroom. During Maths week, I print them all out and leave them all over the school, helping to create a fun learning environment and innovates the kids to learn more maths and to hopefully follow this subject in the future.

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