Unexpected Twists In Life – Go with the flow.

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Unexpected Twists in life is what makes it all so special

Unexpected Twists in life lead you to places you need to go but never knew it! Life is full of surprises. Many great, many not so happy. However the key is to be prepared for as many as you can, while going with the flow with the rest.

How can you teach Grit to children?

We teach children about grit and perseverance but what about being a teacher, how you show grit in the classroom? How long do you keep going? I have spent my career trying to build up safety nets and business ideas, many have worked for a while then stopped working. Normally it’s due to a mix of Google changing its search engine rules and other teachers creating something better than what I thought about.

I know speed a lot of time listening to Ted.com Inspirational Teacher talks and these talks will prepare you for the future, whatever happens.

I’ve been lucky in finding new jobs and I put this down to luck and constantly training and following up new ideas. However, now I have found my perfect job in my perfect school at Maria International school of Bucharest. I hope I don’t need to move on again… but if I do, I will be ready.

How Do I Prepare For Unexpected Twists In Life?

I am now spending my time trying to build up my blogging site, my YouTube site and developing new teaching resources for my teacher website. Why? All because I was told a long time ago that you should always have at least 5 income streams. This is a constant task as things which were easy to do, such as writing ebooks on Amazon, become more difficult or impossible.

Likewise when you lose a great teacher at school, you need to develop a new way of teaching and supporting your staff. You need to accept that great teachers move on, while poor quality teachers need a push, throughout my career I’ve been both types of teacher … to be honest, I am sure most teachers have been in this position.

When your staff suffers a loss, how are the staff protected from more work or a knock to their self esteem? Teachers are stressed enough, So make sure everyone has support. It is easy to get so bogged down that no-one notices.

How To Keep Happy In a Tough Job Or School…

Likewise, loss of friends often happens when you are at your lowest ebb. There is a great solution to this. I did a 30 happiness course. For 30 days you write down three things which you are grateful for, then do and write down one nice thing you have done for someone else and one letter, one 5 minute praise to another staff member, message or phone call to the person you haven’t spoken to in ages and voila in a month you free happy, thankful and your social network is ticking over in a really nice way, as I said – Unexpected Twists in life lead you to places you need to go but never knew it! Take this wonderful 5 day challenge – you will never look at life the same again – Try and see!

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