Try Guided Meditation – Compassionate Breathing For Love and Happiness

The idea of this video is to use compassionate breathing in the classroom – breath in self compassion and breathing out compassion for others. By doing this on a regular basis, you will feel more centred, more careful and be in a better Mental Heath position.

By also breathing out and focusing on compassion for the people around you, especially the class in front of you, you will change the whole atmosphere in the classroom and develop a closer sense of community. If pupils know you believe in their well being and they can feel your compassion and caring for them, they will also feel more compassion for those around them.

Each day I develop a new vide focusing on developing compassion and care within the classroom and I want teachers to stop and listen to what I want to say just for about 5 minutes a day – about the amount of time it takes to drink a coffee or mark a copy book.

Be centred, be one, be happy,

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