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Learn the colours around us

The colours around us is my latest FREE book.

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What is The Colours Around Us – FREE BOOK about?


Learn the colours around you. This book contains 4 different stories about colours. They are a great way of reinforcing learning with your children. 

Book 1:- A white bear likes colours a lot, and he falls in love with new ones all the time. Join him as he explores a world of rainbows.

Book 2 :- So many flowers, so many birds and squirrels chirping and jumping around Meenu! She is enchanted by nature at its best. It is spring time.

Book 3:- An eminent artist plays with the colours of nature. A lovely offering for early readers.

Book 4: – Learn about what we can see around us!

I am getting into my daily writing and it is actually great fun. Every day I am finding new exciting topics and expanding my design skills, while also developing different ways of writing a book.

I am going to focus on writing only Kindle Books. While doing this, I am learning about marketing online and my children are getting lots of great books to read. I would highly recommend any teacher to follow my example. What could be more motivating than a class seeing their teacher become a real author?

You can also download for FREE (for a short period of time) , my Inspirational Female Scientists book which was written to inspire girls to follow their dreams. It is the first in a series of books to motivate girls to dream and follow their dreams of achieving their true life goals.

Tomorrow’s FREE book will be 3 Inspirational Sportswomen: Three Amazing Women Who Reached Their Dream Through Sport. It is the second in my series of inspirational women and ready for Women’s Day. I hope you enjoy it.

Author: Peter Fogarty

I am a teacher and I love writing Maths Resources. I thought I would make an exciting new set of resources for teachers, based on the White Rose Maths Teaching Resources. I want to help teachers get the most out of each of their lessons.

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