Teaching English Online Reddit In A Post-Virus World.

Yesterday, I started to investigate the topic of The Teaching English Online Reddit Way. It made me really really interested in the different ways of making money online during the Coronavirus crisis.

Teaching English Online Reddit Way - The future of education?
Teaching English Online Reddit Way – The future of education?

I suggested that people could just continue in the old way but my wife looked as if I was crazy. When there is a chance of a whole new way of teaching, without boundaries and borders and without the risk of illness. Why would I still be thinking small? This of course is an interesting concept as you could take the Teaching English Online Reddit wa. So instead of building up and promoting a brick and mortar school, you could actually turn it into a full time, online school which is running at the fraction of the cost of the normal school. You wouldn’t need to pay for cooks, cleaners and security. Every school already has an up and running website, so could have an online school.

Teaching English Online Reddit Could Cost Your Less…

In addition, if you were to follow the Teach English Online the Reddit way of thinking, you could then employ teachers from around the world to be your staff. Well at least teachers in a similar timezone. People who had no desire to work in Bucharest, might still like to use the Teaching English Online Reddit way. They will become an amazing online school teacher for your class.

The challenge with the Teach English Online with Reddit is how would you assess the children? Does it even matter if the the children are assessed or not? As there are so many different systems running at once. For example from the oldest laptops, to second hand phones to people living with their grandparents, the idea of fair testing flies out the window. Something as simple as a spelling test can’t be done with the English Online Reddit way. This is because of course the kid could have the spelling list on the wall behind the camera. Likewise with multiplication and division tests…

It would also mean staffing costs could easily be reduced. You only need to pay for staff when you need them. If you need a social science specialist for a few hours, you only need to pay for a few hours and if they don’t click with the children, you can replace them in a click.

Learning and teaching online needs a radical rethink in the future world. It is the way teaching will become flexible and relevant for the future. There are even ideas of a combined school. 2 months online, followed by one month offline.

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