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Teach online account for free? Are you starting out as an online primary school teacher? Has your school just closed down due to the Coronavirus crisis? I have spent the last few weeks finding the best alternatives you can try with your class. Naturally, all the resources I will be listing as free.

Teach Online Account
Looking for Free Teach Online Account Ideas?

What online teaching platform do I use?

I highly recommend using Zoom as your teach online account. You first download the Zoom software from here – https://zoom.us/download – and open it from there as it is much, much easier to use than the browser version.

I then set up a recurring meeting as then I can send this list out to parents and they can use it again and again, I also make a contact list of students, which is also much easier when it comes to inviting the students to each lesson.

Hamilton Trust Teach Online Account – Freely Weekly teaching packs

You can access weekly English and Maths teaching packs for free from https://www.hamilton-trust.org.uk/blog/learning-home-packs/ . You can also click here to go directly into their public Google drive file.

Hamilton Trust has always been by first place to visit. It has a well thought out program and it keeps the children happy as they have the appropriate levels of learning, while also keeping the parents happy, This is a perfect first place to get your weekly online English and maths resources. In addition, Hamilton trust is also offering these free to share teaching resources to further support or extend children.

Are you looking for a more Teach Online Account?

I am also a big fan of Twinkl teaching resources. I was already an ultimate user before the Coronavirus crisis as they have a comprehensive amount of teaching resources for all ages, in a wide range of different languages. You can click here to get the FREE TWINKL voucher code, straight from the Twinkl website.

I am particularly impressed that they offer a daily set of lessons across the school for all the different ages of children. They have lessons for children from the age of 3 to 16. These lessons and resources can provide you with a full days worth of lessons. They also cover all the other subjects such as sport and topic work.

Did you know there is a free Scolastic Teach Online Account?

This is my third and final addition to my free teach online account ideas. There is the wonderful free Scolastic Learn at home site – which has a huge number of different teaching and learning ideas for you to try with your child.

I use a mix of different teaching resources, including of course free Big Maths resources. I have found that keeping it simple is the answer. The school set up new email accounts with Google drives attached to make sharing the information with the parents. Likewise, I also only have only one resource open at a time to keep the speed of the computer up and the internet traffic down.

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