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Teach English Online Reddit research is a great way of discovering a new career in teaching. I am frightened – genuinely frightened about the future of education. I have been watching China with great interest. How can we return to ‘normal’ at school and teach in the classroom, if there is a still a dangerous virus in the city? This is where it suddenly hit me – I really should start to research the online options as well as my usual classroom approaches.

The Teach English Online Reddit Way
The Teach English Online Reddit Way

This Teach English online reddit article I first read was here – https://www.reddit.com/r/OnlineESLTeaching/ , which is an excellent starting point for anyone who is keen to get into online teaching. This could as either a sideline as they watch to see how the Virus crisis unfolds, or as a complete replacement for teaching in the classroom. The idea being, in the second scenario, is that you could self-isolate somewhere nice such as in the depths of the countryside and still bring in enough money to live very well. You do need to have a TEFL teaching qualification to start in this career. Somewhere, I know have 2 stored away for just such an event.

Teach English Online Reddit – The Inside story!

The second article I really enjoyed reading about the Teach English online reddit was here. This article gives you the inside story of being an online English teacher and it is very interesting to read. Apparently you need to be always on the go and excited to succeed. Any late night yawnings are spotted by the parents who are either sitting next to your Chinese student or when they watch the video later. However, the real benefit of this article was the useful links at the bottom of the page. These are the recommended companies to use – the author recommended and preferred the VIPKID company.

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Why search with Teach English Online Reddit?

It is best to follow down paths which other people have already gone. This then you are less likely to get scammed in the process. I can imagine that working hard for a month, only for you not to get paid would be annoying. This is one of the major reasons I never really explored these options earlier. In addition, of course to the fact I have always loved to teach face to face with my pupils.

It is only after discovering that teaching online is also fun that I’m now wondering. My particular situation in somewhat unique. In Romania, multiple generations living together is common. In my two-room apartment, I have my son living here, a lively 10 year old, my wife, me and my wife’s 90 year old grandma. She is the reason we need to take exceptional care. We must make sure we put as much distance as we can between grandma and the Coronavirus. This is part of my series of articles on online teaching.

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