Keep your head up high – I know you are amazing!

Keep your head up high when everyone else is losing there. Comment below what this phrase means to you. Be proud in what you are doing and enjoy your minor successes.

Keep Your Head Up High – You are awesome!

In teaching, you will find some who seem to make it their life’s work to make everyone below them feel unappreciated . Somewhere along the way, they entered the rat race to get to the top. I, on the other hand, didn’t want to lead, I just kind of floated to the top due to years of teaching experience. The skill is to remember that most of their anger and disappointment probably is coming from a part of their life you are blissfully unaware of. It could be a financial crisis, romantic disaster or an on-coming mental breakdown. The chances that you are their real focus is small.

Keep your head up high – What you do and teach really matters on a daily basis.

Teaching fashions regularly change. They switch from student self discovery to talk and chalk, to topic work, to individual subjects and back again. If you find the system that works for you, then hold onto it. Keep your head up high and do your best. I have discovered there is no such thing as a perfect educational system. The educational system is simply a reflection of society. The Japanese have a hard working culture, so the intensive school reflects it. The British don’t know if they are coming or going, and guess what, they have an educational system to match. I know of long term teachers who have never changed their teaching approach been the leading edge three or four times in their career.

Accept the things you can’t change – you can only do so much.

The British invest less and less into education, have buildings in a state of disrepair and a staffing crisis. The education system is suffering and the teachers are expected to fill the gaps. Headteachers work as the school plumbers and gardeners, and there is huge levels of stress all around. This is where people say and do negative things. They do it unthinkingly and you should take their anger in your stride. As the famous poem says. Listen to the dull and ignorant, they to have their story. However avoid aggressive and loud people, they are a vexation to the spirit. What was true 100 years ago is still true today…

A poem you need to listen to.

You can only create the smallest microcosm of calm and security in your own classroom. Keep your head up high as you are possibly the only adult the children seen in the day who actually has confidence in what the kid is achieving. There are desperately sad stories of children in every classroom. The scale of poverty on the UK is breathtaking. A country which once controlled a quarter of the world’s landmass and most of the seas has been reduced to not being able to prevent poverty and share wealth.

Keep your head up high – the worst is yet to come!

It will become worse as Brexit bites and the Conservatives, now with a freer hand than ever, cuts public spending. The perfect place for a school would be on a bridge. I’ve noticed there is no limit to the levels of funding for crazy ideas. Imagine a school stretching from Ireland to Scotland or perhaps for a simpler primary school, just build it directly over the Thames or between Southampton and the Isle of Wight.

Give yourself a much needed pep talk today!

Be proud of yourself – you are ama

In addition to being proud of your school achievements, be proud of who you are. Keep your head up high when you tell people you are a teacher. Without teachers, there would be no doctors, engineers or scientists. You will probably contribute to someone’s great discovery further down their career track. At the same time, I really do recommend you look at developing a passive, second income so when you can take class life no more, you have a nice income elsewhere.

I have been motivated to do this after reading a scary book on city air pollution. I realise I should be trying to move out of Bucharest and into the countryside. However, unlike in Britain, where the rich live in the countryside, it is the opposite case in Romania. So I need to first find a way to survive on my ecological based farm.

Take joy in your plans and the wonderful world around you.

Every year my farm has improved in terms of conditions for wildlife. Today I went out and discovered 20 sparrows roosting in the tree next to my kitchen. I’ve discovered that as birds pass by, they now stop and feed here in ever growing numbers. Sparrows are new to me. Until now, I’ve only had wonderful, vibrant coloured great tits and blue tits.

In the same way, at school, students who visit our school stay on. I teach my children that they must keep their heads up and simply believe in themselves. They then develop skills faster and feel the positive feedbacks of learning – Sucess – and learning more.

Keep your spirits up with a happiness journal.

If you are having difficulty in keeping your spirits up and self-confidence booming like mine, then there is a simple solution. Buy the prettiest looking journal you can find. Every day for 1 month write down the following things. 3 things you are grateful for, one good deed you have actively done, one reconnection you have made in your social network (the 5 minute stroke) where you have written to long forgotten friend or someone you don’t normally praise and one piece of active exercise. After a week you will really feel the difference. You will feel happier, stronger and a lot more appreciated. I do it every so often and I have always been well rewarded for my efforts.

Accept you can only change in a positive place, willing to allow you to change.

If you live or work in a completely negative environment, move on – it helps you to Keep your head up high. If you find you are always in negative relationships or have a terrible boss then look inside. The chances are you are bringing the negative cloud with you. It is here you need to focus for your own mental wellbeing. Develop a more positive approach to what you do and be grateful for all you have and it will become easier over time.

Finally, you need to keep your head up high, and remember not to wait for the storm to pass. Instead you need to learn how to dance in the rain and discover opportunities for your positivity to shine through. Life will always throw you unexpected turns. Your job is to turn lemons into lemonade, and make use of every chance you have to grow and develop into the best version of you that you can be. Smile, have a lovely day and be great. I know that you already are.

Stop Thinking Small – The bigger plan the better!

Stop Thinking Small – aim for the stars. Big plans, big dreams. Comment below about your big dreams

Stop thinking small – live with passion.

I have spotted a problem with many teachers. They sweat over the small things and miss out on the big picture.

If I asked you what made your school special? What five values does your follow and uphold? Would the kids be able to agree to this list? The idea is to get the school to think ever bigger… if you have an idea and it works in your classroom, do you scale it up across the school? Can you scale up a dream across your whole community and perhaps link into other schools? This is thinking big.

Stop Thinking Small – Focus On The Whole Teaching Team.

Many schools focus on the problems of just one teacher. Stop thinking small. If the teacher is poor, they might leave. Instead focus on whole school happiness and career development. Rather than focus 95% of thought on one teacher, focus on spending 5 minutes a day catching the rest being good at what they do. And acknowledge your thanks often to them in sincere and honest ways. A friend tried that once with me – he tried too often and it lost its sincerity.

Likewise, don’t focus on a single school policy – focus on the whole package and how they are interlinked and support each other. The five values you think your school possesses should shine out throughout these policies. Likewise, if I were to walk through your school as a visitor, these 5 values should be clearly apparent for all to see in both words and deeds.

Dream Big – Dream Of Being Ever Better!

You should also be thinking about how to turn yourself into an even better teacher. Naturally anyone reading my blog is an awesome teacher just for visiting my site! Stop thinking small, think of really cool, challenging ways to become a better person as well as a better teacher. I am currently doing this by setting myself two challenges – the first is to write a blog post, each and every day, regardless of anything else happening in my life. The second is to successfully grow from seed as many different shrubs and trees as I can in one year. I have always, like most people given up a project within a month of two, and only ever bought trees and shrubs as wooden sticks with roots.

The problem being with people who think small, their life achievements will always be small. They will settle for second-best. Ford, the chap who invented the car production line, said whatever you think, you will become. So I’m now telling you to stop thinking small and start dreaming big. Dreams and lot of hard work (with a touch of luck) happen every day. You need to learn to enjoy them before moving onto ever bigger dreams or you will never be happy. Happiness will always be one project away and it will kill you.

Teach Your Kids To Deam Big!

It is equally important to teach your class, regardless of age, to stop thinking small. They must be big, bold and challenging in all they do. If children think small, they will never discover their true potential. They will never discover that taking risks opens up whole new areas to them. As recommended by the author of the Elephant in the classroom, your class should be given big, exciting whole-class maths challenges. Everyone in the class solves part of the problem.

Likewise, when people talk about solving the climate crisis, tell them to stop thinking small. Here is a funny thing. If we all focus on personal ways of reducing our carbon footprints, nothing will be solved. The real perpetrators such as the oil and food industry will continue without thinking. The transport industry is reliant on huge takers, belching out tons of dirty carbon clouds. They will twist the problem onto you. They will make you feel that you didn’t do enough to stop the crisis. By thinking big, governments could change the world. They won”t. They could.

Answer these three questions and life gets easier…

By thinking big and making major changes, you could build up your perfect school of the future. You could become a school which does everything you dreamed of. There could be flipped learning, a fully integrated curriculum, based around topics kids want to learn. It could become a slow learning school which really digs deep into the pools of learning. However, for all this to happen, you need to do one simple thing. You need to stop thinking small.

Guilt in the classroom – How to deal with it.

Teachers suffer from guilt in the classroom on a daily basis. Comment below on some of your guilty feelings. Guilt just means you are alive and human, everybody suffers from guilt in someway.

How to stop feeling guilty about work

Teachers are generally wonderfully open people. People who put in the extra effort. They tend to meet and deal with societies problems in ways that no other professional does. It is easy for guilt in the classroom to seep into other parts of life. It is easy to feel bad for others when you listen to people suffering extreme home lives. However, teachers must fight the feeling of guilt. You must remember that you are where you are due to the intense effort you put in for years and years to achieve. Remember how you and your family made huge sacrifices to get you through school and university. You have the right to be here. Never forget this simple fact – you earned your place in society and should not feel guilty of living the good life.

Guilt in the classroom – Why did you get the promotion?

The same goes with internal promotions in school. Unless you went out of your way to vindictively wreck a colleagues chances, you were chosen to lead and promote a school area over them. You cannot feel guilty about your success. Your skills and experience won through.

However, guilt in the classroom will continue to knaw at you. You will ruminate over it and this guilt can take over a large part of your free time, as you continue to worry about work related things. There is a simple solution. You need to change your feelings of guilt (a negative feeling which does constantly trigger the stress response), into a question with an answer. So if you are feeling guilty as you don’t spend enough time with you child because you have so much to do. Spin this into a question. How can I make scheduled quality time to play with my kid. Ironically there is a solution a titan of advertising taught me, just say ‘yes’ to everytime your kid wants to play with you. Drop everything. For 10 minutes they are yours.

Saying Yes To Fun And Stop Feeling Guilty

How does your guilt in your personal life affect your day job?

Your guilt in the classroom could be linked to your old love life. For years I felt guilty over how I had treated an ex-girlfriend. I was emotionally immature and young and while she was more emotionally mature and wanted different things from the relationship. She saw me as a life partner, I wasn’t ready for anything like that as I was re-writing up a PhD.

For years I felt guilty that somehow I’d made the wrong choices which was ironical as my life I did and do lead now is fabulous. I went on to meet and marry my perfect woman. However the guilt of the past haunted me for a long while. Eventually we reconnected on Facebook and it turned out my guilty feelings of betrayal were only in my head. She had never viewed me in the same light I had cast myself. She had gone on, met her perfect man who aforex her to bits and has 2 kids. Sometimes the solution to guilt is to go back to the scene of the crime and talk openly about your feelings.

How to deal with the guilty feelings of children.

Children suffer from guilt as well. They wonder why we have everything in life while other kids elsewhere have nothing. The focus on the environment makes children feel guilty. Knowing that if you don’t recycle a bottle, it will float off into the ocean and kill sea life. The solution for their guilt is a slight change in their own life styles. If they live the best life they can and live as environmentally sensitive lives, all will be well. I remind my kids, even in the bible Jesus says there will always be the poor amongst us. I also point out that by studying hard and getting great jobs, they can become part of the solution to any problem they currently feel guilty about.

Zen Den For Feeling Happy And Healthy

Guilt often relates to things you didn’t do. This is the toughest form of regret. It is demanding you should have seen correctly into the future. If I had done this, now the life of my children would be so much better, if I had taught this, my students grades would have been higher etc. It is easy to forget that at the time you did something or didn’t do it for a purpose. It could have been that the Christmas show swallowed up your time, or you were suffering a personal crisis and just didn’t have the time to be perfect in everything you do.

If you purposefully did something wrong and now feel guilty, then fix it!

Guilt in the classroom can come from nasty things you purposefully did to your teaching colleagues and now regret. Confessing now might ease your guilt but would it solve the problem? Just make sure in the future, you avoid being in such circumstances again. Change your professional attitude to people and work. Help them recover lost ground. Start talking nice things about them to senior management. There is little else you can now do.

If you feel guilty about having to report issues with your colleagues such as child protection issues or other work issues which resulted in them being fired, then you can’t feel bad. You had to do your best and while it is unpleasant to do, you have saved others in the process.

Guilt can also come from actions you regret. Again, remember at the time you either didn’t know what would follow or you did it for the best of reasons. For example you might have voted Brexit and now regret it. You may now feel guilty for the impact this will have on your school, your life and the life of your students. Students will simply have to find a different way to working freely across Europe. You used the information you were given, and made a decision on the ‘facts’ you had – don’t feel guilty if the ‘facts’ were inaccurate and you made the ‘wrong’ decision – you cannot change the past . Both campaign groups lied to you in one form or another. And from the information you got, you did the best you could. Remember – you can only do the best you can, with the information at hand.

Guilt is your reaction to getting an answer wrong – it is normal. Everyone shares these feelings.

This is true for any part of your life. You used the information you had to solve a problem. Sometimes the choice you made was wrong. Apparently 50% of choices made by senior leaders prove to be wrong, so you are in good company.

So relax. Enjoy your holidays. You don’t need to feel guilty about anything. Guilt is a negative feeling which you can’t do anything about. Apart from focus on the positive, resolve to help when you can in the future. If you feel guilty about past crimes, go back, reconnect with the original people and see that they don’t hold a grudge against you. If they do, then read my post on forgiving in the classroom and just let it go. Life is too short for guilty feelings.

How do you deal with guilt in the classroom, I would really appreciate it if you could comment below and share your experiences of guilt and how you overcame it.

Random Acts of Kindness in the classroom

Random Acts of Kindness in the classroom, home, beach - anywhere you can.
Random Acts of Kindness in the classroom and anywhere else!

My kids are constantly doing random acts of kindness in the classroom. Please write in the comments section acts of kindness you have seen.

Random Acts of Kindness in the classroom

My kids are without doubt, good kids, every single one of them. They go out their way to be nice to each other. I hold the idea that the primary school class reflects the teacher teaching them.

Children should be encouraged to perform random acts of kindness, every day, and then to journal them. This helps the class in lots of ways. Acts of kindness gel the class together. Journaling what you did and how your friend responded let’s you relive the happy moment and record if for some future time of reading pleasure.

Who should Acts Of Kindness be focused at?

Random acts of kindness in the classroom should play out at all levels, from between teaching staff, staff and children and children to children. I have noticed those teachers who help others the most, get the most help back in the process. For example, today I have a colleague off sick. I will give up my break to cover for him and make sure his class is running well. And to make sure the teacher covering both classes still has some me-time as well. This is what I do to help make our school such a great place. Both the teachers are givers in the system so get the benefits.

I saw wonderful examples of encouraging kindness in the class online. A lot are linked around Christmas time but this should be an important core value in every classroom every day.

How much do Random Acts of Kindness in the classroom cost?

The random acts of kindness in the classroom don’t need to be big or cost anything. All it takes to know that someone has seen you, knows your needs and cares enough to do something.

The acts of kindness I genuinely struggle with are when a teachers act of kindness removes a fundamental responsibility of the parents. These include making sure the kids have eaten a breakfast, are clean and have the basic materials needed to be in a classroom. Food in England is dirt cheap. Any parent who smokes or regularly drinks could equally afford to bring up and feed their kids in a decent way. Teachers shouldn’t be supporting the welfare of their students. By supporting them, they actually discourage parents doing it.

Random Acts of Kindness can be online

If your school promotes acts of kindness, it starts a trend. Children who are kind to each other and need to journal it, start to actively seek out opportunities to be kind and journal. This then makes them think about the natural environment and protecting this. From this simple start, your school starts to focus on promoting and teaching values.

By getting into teaching and sharing random acts of kindness, these can become a part of a child’s character. But only if these values are also in the home. A child’s family life will be a much bigger influence on them than you. But who knows, your seed of kindness may find a nook of human kindness in an otherwise uninspiring, rocky situation.

Be a tigger and bounce your kids into a happier way of living today. Also explore these lovely act of kindness cards – I bought some and love them. Also the catching them being kind cards.

Positive Emotional Intelligence In The Classroom

Positive Emotional Intelligence In The Classroom
Positive Emotional Intelligence In The Classroom

How are your Emotional Intelligence skills in the classroom? Leave a comment below about your successful strategies.

You are in full control of your classroom. Your personality will be reflected in your children and their work. If you are a calm, organised person, your whole class will reflect this. If you lack meaningful control in your life, your children will be also much tougher to control.

They watch you like a hawk for 8 hours a day and pick up on your mood. They then reflect that mood back onto you with either a positive or a negative feedback loop kicking into place.

What is the 12 truths in life?

Your children’s mood reflects your own. You need to change this from beyond the classroom. The first step should be to make sure you have a good work – life balance. This includes getting plenty of sleep and relaxing moments. When you get stressed, your pheromones waft around the classroom. These are picked up and acted on by your kids. While they can’t explain it, they too will feel your stress and anxiety and not fo their best. This of course makes you feel even more stressed. Their attention and grades drop, your performance reviews drop… and so on and so on.

What is the alternative? Slow schooling. This is where you stop, take a step back and try to teach in a completely different way. The first actions are the simplest. Stop and look around your classroom. How much of your room is full of clutter, worksheets and general junk? Every day, devote just 10 minutes to a daily tidy and declutter.

Make sure everything in your whole room has a place and that everyone, including you, knows where this place is. The books must not be under desks but on the shelves. This makes marking simple.

Then focus on the walls. What do the walls tell you about your class? Are the displays something your kids are proud of? Is it recent or just handcrafted, ignored wall paper? Take down anything older than a month and replace it with fresh materials, current learning and ideas. Also remember more is less. I use to have my walls covered in words and found restricting displays to the display boards made them more effective.

Positive Emotional Intelligence In The Classroom Starts With You

Then look at yourself. How do you approach life? Does it support your positive emotional intelligence in the classroom? Are you a happy soul? If not, why not? Change what you can. Iv you don’t like the current management, find a different school. You can be sure, if you are a miserable pain in the butt, the chances are the school is already making their own private enquires about replacing you at the end of the year.

Next clamp down on favouritism. Your top pupils and lowest achievers probably such up 75% of your time. This leaves the vast majority of children underserved and ignored. You also need to focus on their well being. Make them the centre of your world for a bit.

The next key trick is to smile. Even if you don’t feel like it. Happy teachers make happy classrooms in a fabulous postive feedback. If you pretend to smile, your body gets confused and actually does produce more happiness hormones. Also a happy teacher is reflected in a happy classroom.

Blogging and Journalling will make you a better person.

Start blogging and journaling to support your positive Emotional Intelligence In The Classroom. Every day kids should be writing down all their feelings. This releases their pressure valve. Get them to write 3 things a say they are grateful for. They will start to actively look for these to write about. When you write about things which make you happy, you relive that moment. You feel happy all over again.

If you are at a total loss about what to blog about, like I use to be, you should search for daily blogging prompts. I have 365 lined up from WordPress. I read it then think about its underlying message. Then I think how I could take this message and repeat it in a classroom context. It has made such a difference to my day. I am now a fabulously productive “Bus blogger”. I just sit and write each day, every day on my daily commute. It has taken my thoughts away from the upcoming day and into another world.

Why do I do it? It guides me away from thinking about how to deal with problems with teachers whose actions lead to my involvement and onto more professional thoughts. It doesn’t matter where you are in your teaching career, we all have things to share. Even the newest, freshest teacher should be blogging and sharing their teaching ideas and moments. I even check out Instagram for more ways of becoming a better teacher.

Why should start blogging today?

Likewise, your blogging should be getting to the heart of you. Making money should only come later. When you have a voice people listen to, then you can change the world.

Teach your kids there are things they can change and things they can’t. For example, my wonderful niece spends her life freaking out about climate change and plotting radical action. It doesn’t make her happy. What does make kids happy is to simply live the life you believe in. My kids today will become gardeners. The idea is simply because I want to get my seedlings off my garden growing well and early. I have however seen that we use a lot of water bottles in school and so today we will build self contained ecosystems with the kids screwed tight on so no water can escape and see if plants grow. It will make them happy to watch. And costs nothing more than a bag of compost and some seeds.

So think about happiness. Think of simple ways happiness becomes part of your ethos. And random acts of kindness to your day and all will be well and your kids will bloom.