Combatting Teacher Tiredness – Teaching Tips

Combatting Teacher Tiredness - Teaching Tips
Teacher Tiredness will affect you and your health.

Teacher tiredness is rampant. Are you tired? Please comment below I have only 8 children in my class. Only 8. Parents think I live an easy life. However, my 8 are all non-native speakers, 50% have learning disabilities of one sort or another. And I invest all my time in getting the best results out of each of them.

I am tired. Teaching is tiring. Curiously if I retire at 60, I will live until about 80 as a teacher. If I retire at 65, on average I am dead at 67… or some I was told… I could however live for a long longer . For this reason, I take avoiding tiredness very, very seriously.

I have my step counter on day in and day out. Just like everyone else, I know that I have to keep fit if I want to fight tiredness and keep the pounds off me. Being overweight just makes you more tired.

I also know walking has a magical effect of separating work from home. So this is another bonus. I admit that at the moment, I am busing it both ways as I have my end of term assessments to mark and have in on time.

Teacher tiredness means you need more sleep.

I also make sure I sleep well. My phone goes off early and I don’t look at it again. It lives in the kitchen. Latest research shows that cutting blud light in the evenings doesn’t help with sleep. Not using a phone and letting your brain just wander does.

Having open communication at work helps to reduce stress and teacher tiredness. I make sure all I need to say has been emailed so no-one forgets or misinterprets a plan. I also let people know when they do well or screw up. As headteacher, screw ups bug me as my rold is keeping the school going in the right direction.

Tiredness also comes if teachers don’t get the right work-life balance. Timetables can be squeezed to such an extent that they cease to be fun to do. I am personally for slow learning. This means deep and interactive learning rather than superficial learning. It is learning which is fun for the teachers to teach and engaging enough for the students to remember.

Tiredness all comes from poor health. I have read magnesium supplements work wonders. I tried evening primrose oil and it has a kick like a mule. You feel great. If was the slowly developing man breasts (evening primrose oil has the precursors needs for your body to make oestrogen). I’m currently on a dry months in terms of beer which is good for the body but I do miss my occasional pint.

A good way to beat tiredness is regular sex.

Weirdly, I have read that developing a good, regular sex life does wonders for tiredness. Indeed the effects are long lasting. It’s a case of just getting and keeping in the swing of things. Sometimes you need to actively make space for such things. Date nights etc.

Finding something you are passionate about helps fight teacher tiredness. Becoming a daily bus blogger has made a difference to me. Knowing one day I will hit it big, keeps me going. I am the Del Boy of the teaching industry. It is a bit of a running joke that this time next year I will have cracked the system and can retire as a writer… it has been as long as I have been a teacher… and still I am convinced one day it will come together. Optimism rules over all evidence in my life.

Make sure you enjoy your holidays and weekends.

Also making sure your holidays are kept as 100% holidays is key. This will provide you will more time to recover, energize and think of new teaching ideas. My best ideas come to me when I am not in the classroom. They come when I am walking, or playing with a new gadget or sleeping. My sleeping ideas are the craziest and slipperiest to catch hold of when I wake up. I have often convinced myself I’ve sorted all the environmental problems in an amazing way. These include make all plastic drinking bottles into Lego shapes so I can use them to directly build new homes or fancy greenhouses. etc.

Likewise enjoy your weekends and long summer evenings – school and work can wait. If you think teaching is too hard in your country, become an international teacher. Many UK teachers leave to work in sunnier climes and very few return to a life in the UK state system. I know won’t be.

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Different Teaching Styles – what works for you?

Different Teaching Styles - what works for you? Different teachers have different styles. You need to find out what works best for you.
Your teaching style is part of who you are.

Every teacher has their own teaching style. This is why I don’t like to do lesson observations, you are judging others on what you think is good teaching, compared to how you teach. As a book once said, no-one starts in teaching with the desire to be a poor teacher. This is why lesson observations don’t work. People simply don’t change their teaching styles very much. You can see see how your personality affects your whole outlook on teaching. It comes complete with a test!

You have those who like being in a chair to teach. You have those who believe a teacher should never sit down. My kids are very mobile, with carpet time, dancing and group activities on the floor. Also quiet desk time.

Your Teaching Style Matters To Your Kids

Teachers do need to keep a close eye on their kids. We have cameras in the classrooms now. So when a problem occurs, we can see where the teacher was. If you are on the phone, you are in trouble. Likewise, if you just sat there, you are in trouble. If you left your classroom for any reason, you’d be in serious trouble. The most observant teachers have the nicest classes kids know they cannot do anything too extreme.

Do teachers in your school have a clear favourite in the classroom?

This also reflects on favouritism in the classroom. In my classroom, I don’t think I have any favourites. They are all pretty much equal to me. It is tough going to make sure both the high fliers and lowest achieving children all get the support they need. In other, classes the favoured children become a mean in-group. I then roll in the bring them into line outside the classroom. Kids need and love rules.

Your teaching relationship should extend to your on-duty patrolling the corridors style. Teachers who want to be friends with the in-crowd take their eye off the ball and miss problems lurking in the corners. You need to be everywhere, seeing everything, a bit like a teacher version of elf on the shelf.

The area I am always working on is time management and organisation. This year I tried to run a 100% declutter Feng Shui style classroom. A place which was ordered and work like. However, itsnot my strong point. However, with better organization’s such as better places to store books, things have improved..

Teaching Styles extend to how you treat your students’ work books.

Another area I have really focused on this term is book presentation. My books are now dated, underlined and the writing styles have improved. In other classes, there are books with no dates, which makes tracking children’s work against the planning nigh on impossible.

There is also the level of interaction with the parents. I am happy to be a bit parents-lite as long as the kid is doing as expected. Others write huge long daily emails to their parents.

There is also a wide range of styles in expectations. You have some teachers (me included) who think healthy competition in class drives forward results. Others feel competition isn’t good for kids and feel it judges kids. What do you think?

Another teaching style is how much drama enters the classroom. For some teachers, being dramatic and creative is the sign of great teaching , for others it is merely a distraction. I do love being able to follow a book to the letter and getting everything done to a plan someone else has written, which is why I love Rising Stars Maths so much. I find focused work keeps kids calm and disciplined to a greater extent than letting their creativity go riot all the time .

What are the future ways of teaching?

However, I don’t think teachers will be replaced anytime soon by physical robots, though online elements might make over certain areas. I watch the videos of kids with Robot teachers and think, I’m sure those classes would push the limits beyond breaking point. You would still need a physical person in the room to maintain order. The robot pupil ide however was cool. The kid is somewhere else but still listens in on a real lesson. However, it could be easily abused by less than pleasant hacker folks I guess.

An interesting issue with most International Teachers is they are international teachers for a reason. They want to see the world and regularly enjoy new cultures. This means they will only be with a school for short periods of time and there is little tracking of child achievement over the years with one teacher. The plus being that they do bring in a wide range of teaching styles picked up from around the world.

The answer is there is no perfect teaching style as it is a combination of style, ability and personality which dictates the success of your classroom please comment below on what teaching styles you most and least like. However, trying to fit into school’s current ethos and style is far better than breaking out on your own.

When you are a peacock teacher, surrounded by penguins

Also making sure you don’t become a dramatic look at me teacher as these folks do tend to fail faster than most as after a while you look and see all the faults in another teacher you’d never bother to see.