Stop Thinking Small – The bigger plan the better!

Stop Thinking Small – aim for the stars. Big plans, big dreams. Comment below about your big dreams

Stop thinking small – live with passion.

I have spotted a problem with many teachers. They sweat over the small things and miss out on the big picture.

If I asked you what made your school special? What five values does your follow and uphold? Would the kids be able to agree to this list? The idea is to get the school to think ever bigger… if you have an idea and it works in your classroom, do you scale it up across the school? Can you scale up a dream across your whole community and perhaps link into other schools? This is thinking big.

Stop Thinking Small – Focus On The Whole Teaching Team.

Many schools focus on the problems of just one teacher. Stop thinking small. If the teacher is poor, they might leave. Instead focus on whole school happiness and career development. Rather than focus 95% of thought on one teacher, focus on spending 5 minutes a day catching the rest being good at what they do. And acknowledge your thanks often to them in sincere and honest ways. A friend tried that once with me – he tried too often and it lost its sincerity.

Likewise, don’t focus on a single school policy – focus on the whole package and how they are interlinked and support each other. The five values you think your school possesses should shine out throughout these policies. Likewise, if I were to walk through your school as a visitor, these 5 values should be clearly apparent for all to see in both words and deeds.

Dream Big – Dream Of Being Ever Better!

You should also be thinking about how to turn yourself into an even better teacher. Naturally anyone reading my blog is an awesome teacher just for visiting my site! Stop thinking small, think of really cool, challenging ways to become a better person as well as a better teacher. I am currently doing this by setting myself two challenges – the first is to write a blog post, each and every day, regardless of anything else happening in my life. The second is to successfully grow from seed as many different shrubs and trees as I can in one year. I have always, like most people given up a project within a month of two, and only ever bought trees and shrubs as wooden sticks with roots.

The problem being with people who think small, their life achievements will always be small. They will settle for second-best. Ford, the chap who invented the car production line, said whatever you think, you will become. So I’m now telling you to stop thinking small and start dreaming big. Dreams and lot of hard work (with a touch of luck) happen every day. You need to learn to enjoy them before moving onto ever bigger dreams or you will never be happy. Happiness will always be one project away and it will kill you.

Teach Your Kids To Deam Big!

It is equally important to teach your class, regardless of age, to stop thinking small. They must be big, bold and challenging in all they do. If children think small, they will never discover their true potential. They will never discover that taking risks opens up whole new areas to them. As recommended by the author of the Elephant in the classroom, your class should be given big, exciting whole-class maths challenges. Everyone in the class solves part of the problem.

Likewise, when people talk about solving the climate crisis, tell them to stop thinking small. Here is a funny thing. If we all focus on personal ways of reducing our carbon footprints, nothing will be solved. The real perpetrators such as the oil and food industry will continue without thinking. The transport industry is reliant on huge takers, belching out tons of dirty carbon clouds. They will twist the problem onto you. They will make you feel that you didn’t do enough to stop the crisis. By thinking big, governments could change the world. They won”t. They could.

Answer these three questions and life gets easier…

By thinking big and making major changes, you could build up your perfect school of the future. You could become a school which does everything you dreamed of. There could be flipped learning, a fully integrated curriculum, based around topics kids want to learn. It could become a slow learning school which really digs deep into the pools of learning. However, for all this to happen, you need to do one simple thing. You need to stop thinking small.

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