Self Love Great Medicine – Love comes from within.

Today I want to discuss the phrase self love great medicine. Does self love bring joy or narcissism?

What do you see in the mirror?

I guess that the answer is a bit of both. You need to have a self love. If you don’t love yourself, loving others with a true feeling of passion and awareness becomes much more challenging. Teachers are particularly good at looking at themselves and picking themselves to pieces over their perceived failings in the classroom. Here is an odd thing which has happened over the last 40 years. 40 years ago, when I was a school kid, the student was responsible for their own grades. If a kid worked, he got rewarded. If he didn’t, then he got in trouble. The same with the parents. Parents were responsible for making sure all the work got done. The teacher (who incidentally only influences the academic outcome by 3-5%) was simple the conduit of knowledge.

Self Love Great Medicine – Be a kid’s role model.

Self Love Great Medicine – Love your teaching style

Now all has been flipped on its head. The teacher is now responsible for the grades and progress. The kid and his long hours on the X-box and tablet, is not. Likewise the parents point out they need to work and have no time for their kids homework. The big school bosses still need to focus on progress and achievement. So pressure come to the teacher from above, below and all around.

This is where the self love great medicine chant comes in. You, as a teacher, need to do what you can do. No matter what, you need to deliver the information in as many ways as you think might stick. You need to remain true to your teaching style. Mimicking another teacher doesn’t work. It just makes you look false, insecure and you need to do double the work of a natural of that style. You also need to keep a healthy life – work balance.

Sometimes it is good to keep your talents hidden.

However the self love great medicine idea does have flaws in it. If you think you are a fabulous guitar player or musician, you might want to throw some music into the curriculum. However, you need to draw a line at a little and a ‘look at me, I love myself and I’m so cool’. Sometimes too much self love can detract from the message you are trying to send to the class.

Here is another I interesting question, surely our self love is what go us into the environmental mess we are now in. It is a mix of feeling depressed and trying to cheer ourselves up with consumer goods and thinking we are lively and deserve to treat ourselves with yet more consumer goods that has left us drowning in plastic.

Rewarding ourselves less might bring more planet self-love.

By thinking we are great and showering self love through consumer goods, what we are really doing is polluting somewhere far away for something destined within a year or two for our own landfills. There your folly will sit for a few thousand years before being dug up by future archeologists looking for a new fuel source such as converting old plastic into oil. This is particularly true for fast fashion. Likewise for children’s fads and phases.

We need to stop thinking small. Our self love great medicine ideas should be extended to the planetary system in general. Our self love should extend to living as simply as we can. Try using as few resources as you can and recycling and upcycling on a daily basis.

This year my self-contained greenhouses which require no additional watering will be adding a constant supply of tree seedlings to my local area.

Every home regardless of size should grow at least some of it’s own food, from commonly used garden herbs to a few tomatoes in a pot. By growing them, people get into the habit of realising everything worthwhile takes effort. By growing more from scratch, the general population may waste less food. In addition, you will know exactly how organic your food is.

You are beautiful – Believe me!

Lets encourage self love in the young, let them know they are beautiful and the beauty comes from within and in many different forms. Discourage over indulgent self love in adulthood and finally we have the perfect answer to the famous phrase, self love great medicine!

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