Rising Stars Maths outdoes other Maths Schemes.

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Let me explain to how I ended up using Rising Stars Maths as my main primary Maths curriculum. I have learnt a lot about teaching maths over the year. I want to share what I know with you.

In my earliest days worked with CIMT. This scheme is great for anyone looking for a straight forward teaching course to boost kids learning at home. One school told me this. Despite me using this scheme, which worked wonders… there is more to teaching than a class with academic success. To this day, I found an odd sentiment for a school to have…

I converted a lot of different Government sample lesson plans and then a major UK education publishers lesson plans. I neatly converted these into Autumn, Spring and Summer PowerPoint lessons, which I now present on this site.

Still everything was really academic, then I tried the Nelson maths schemes and Hamilton maths. To get all the teaching done, I admit I focused on the daily worksheet tasks more than it was good to do.

Why I use the Rising Stars Maths Curriculum in the classroom.

Then I ‘saw the light’ and moved over to Rising Stars Maths and I am a 100 % convert. This is a simply wonderful maths scheme, which mixes academic thinking, with hands on thinking, games and talking pages all together. This is the book where my most able and least able, with different amounts of support can reach the same end point.

I have split my class of 8 into 3 different groups. I have one child who struggles Year 1 maths doing the Year 1 scheme, I have a second group who are completing all the tasks at a reasonable rate and I have a high flyers group which simply devours the maths we do and want to have even more maths.

The room is full of hands on resources. I now use hundred squares, multiplication squares. I also use a poker set as this contains counters, cards and a fancy green mat for group work and baking trays of all sizes. The trays are great as they have dips in them, so the beans (magic beans of course, according to the lid) don’t fall out.

Rising Stars Maths scheme is the only one we could find which which has 1/2 termly test running along side it. It is great way of assessing the kids . Just don’t lose the book… I was the last one to use it when a book vanished… on the Rising Stars site the test book costs 100 pounds but on Amazon.co.uk, I bought it for 60 pound, including international postage… which of course means it is worth looking at Amazon for other Rising Star deals. However, when it comes to buying enoughbooksfor a whole school, Rising Stars does offer an amazing deal plus sometimes decent discounts.

How do I use the Big Maths Scheme in my classroom?

On top of this, I also have fallen in love with Big Maths. A friend’s son did it every Friday as a test. There are 20 levels and 10 versions of each test. I have put my kids on an accelerated version. We do a test every day. I give them 2 minutes rather than 1 minute with the understanding those who get to level 20 repeat the tests again with a 1 minute limit.

My Year 3 class do work incredibly hard on these lessons. They actively choose additional maths drill worksheets to reach their goal. We recently did a head to head with some older classes, who had never done this scheme. My class are faster mathematicians. I am amazed and so proud of them. The rest of the school will implement the scheme after Christmas. Try it today and you won’t look back

When we did the tests, the children clearly had made excellent progress and are proud of their achievements.

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