Rising Star Mathematics Teaching Model

Rising Star Mathematics Teaching Model - Making Maths a lot more fun!
Rising Star Mathematics Teaching Model – Making Maths a lot more fun!

The “>Rising Star Mathematics Teaching Model is a great one to follow in the future. Please comment if you use Rising Stars in the classroom. This is my Rising Star Mathematics review plus this one (which is a more detailed version!)

I have repeatedly read a wonderful book called the Elephant In The Classroom. It highlights the problem the British Education system faces with maths. We are the only nation I know where people not being good at maths as something to be proud of . They explain they never liked learning maths and it was never useful in their lives.

Rising Star Mathematics Teaching Model Organized Into 5 Different Types Of Activities.

Maths does have an image problem. It is too dry and too much drilling. The book explains this does not need to be the case. Maths can be taught through creativity and problem solving. The Rising Star Mathematics Teaching Model agrees with this. There are five types of pages in each chapter.

The first page is the introduction to the topic. Rising Stars Mathematics is all about putting things into a context. It is designed to show your children why what they are learning is important in their daily lives.

The next style of page is the teacher discussion page. Before each set of exercises, there is an introduction to the skills needed to complete the tasks. It is also an excellent reference tool when children want to double check a way of solving a maths question or maths specific vocabulary. It is well laid out, colourful and perfect for my students who are learning English as a second language.

Children then have four tasks per question page to complete, plus extension. They start with some simple repetitive tasks, often with concrete resources such a counting sticks, counters and physical shapes.

Then progressively, the questions move from a basic abstract idea to an applied challenge such as I draw 4 lines, what is the largest number of intersections I can make?

The following type of page is my kids absolute favourite. It is the board games linked to their learning objectives. Each game has 2 variants to try, followed by the students creating and explaining their own games.

The end of the unit “And finally” pages is where the assessments are…. ” . The students independently complete this to assess their understanding. Again the questions are mainly hands-on practical based. The children apply the knowledge they learn in earlier lessons.

Any Maths scheme worth its salt also has an extension and consolidation book.

The scheme extends even further and includes a set of student workbooks they write in. I discovered that if you complete the colourful textbooks in class and set the recommended pages as homework, to be done with their parents, everything can keep pace. It is possible that British native speakers may work faster and complete it all in class. My class has a high percentage of children with learning challenges, some came to me in September with no English but absolutely all love this scheme.

Rising Star Mathematics Teaching Model curriculum comes complete with a teacher handbook. For this course, buying the handbook makes sure you get the absolute maximum out of every lesson. It also contains homework tasks linked to every lesson.

The scheme offers two formats – paper books or online content or both. The additional online resources mean that you can project a copy of the page directly onto the whiteboard and draw over it. It also means you can access more resources linked to the Rising Star Mathematics Teaching Model scheme.

Then comes the whole reason we bought into this scheme. It also has, as and added extra, the half termly (About every 6 weeks) maths tests. These questions link in exactly to the scheme and as long as you maintain their recommended pace all fits together nicely.

Half Termly Maths Tests Let You Know Exactly Where The Children Are.

These “>half termly test books are expensive. I found to my horror, as I borrowed one from the Year 1 class and after using it AND returning it ( honest, guv!), it vanished. The Year 1 teacher is one of these wonderfully tidy and organised teachers. Me on the other hand teach wonderfully but a little more chaotically, so when the finger of blame was pointing, I accepted it. This however helped make everyone else really, really take care of their books! I would keep them in one safe place and sign them in and out… but that is just me.

I would however buy these books from Amazon rather than the publishers website as they seem to be cheaper here. The prices also tend to rise and fall unpredictably on Amazon so if you see one on a decent discount, buy it there and then. Also remember you can use them again for several years to come (until you update your maths scheme again).

However There Is A Free Part – The Wonderful Maths Trackers

The half termly assessment scheme comes complete with a free downloadable spreadsheet from the Rising Stars publishing company. These are openable in excel. These are fabulous. If a kid is on track(mastery), the score goes green. If they are below track, (using the wonderful term “developing mastery”), the colour is red. There is also a setting for the high fliers who are beyond mastery and have an almost perfect score. You simply email your headteacher or senior management team the results in the spreadsheet. They can instantly see what is happening. It also has reports and let’s you know which areas the class was weak at and need more time and support reviewing.

Why Do I Promote These Resources?

I have decided to really push for other schools to get into the Rising Stars scheme as if simply outdoors its competition. We did try the free assessments from White Rose but these don’t match the curriculum. We also used Hamilton maths, a low priced high quality scheme but it has no books, only worksheets, PowerPoint and projected sheets. I personally liked it but it was impossible to keep up with the content… and I was only a Year 2 teacher then.

As you can guess from this post, I can honestly say I fell in love with the Rising Star Mathematics Teaching Model scheme and want to share it rather than simply be selling on a scheme. I do get a small percentage from Amazon for selling these books on my site, and I thought this was better use of my webspace than simply showing Google Adverts, which probably would pay me more.

Please leave a comment and subscribe to this blog. If you already use “>Rising Stars Mathematics, I would really love it if you could also share your experiences on this topic. Write your own Rising Star Mathematics review below!

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