Rising Star Mathematics Teaching Model

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Rising Star Mathematics Teaching Model - Making Maths a lot more fun!
Rising Star Mathematics Teaching Model – Making Maths a lot more fun!

The half termly test books are expensive""“>half termly test books are expensive. I found to my horror, as I borrowed one from the Year 1 class and after using it AND returning it ( honest, guv!), it vanished. The Year 1 teacher is one of these wonderfully tidy and organised teachers. Me on the other hand teach wonderfully but a little more chaotically, so when the finger of blame was pointing, I accepted it. This however helped make everyone else really, really take care of their books! I would keep them in one safe place and sign them in and out… but that is just me.

I would however buy these books from Amazon rather than the publishers website as they seem to be cheaper here. The prices also tend to rise and fall unpredictably on Amazon so if you see one on a decent discount, buy it there and then. Also remember you can use them again for several years to come (until you update your maths scheme again).

However There Is A Free Part – The Wonderful Maths Trackers

The half termly assessment scheme comes complete with a free downloadable spreadsheet from the Rising Stars publishing company. These are openable in excel. These are fabulous. If a kid is on track(mastery), the score goes green. If they are below track, (using the wonderful term “developing mastery”), the colour is red. There is also a setting for the high fliers who are beyond mastery and have an almost perfect score. You simply email your headteacher or senior management team the results in the spreadsheet. They can instantly see what is happening. It also has reports and let’s you know which areas the class was weak at and need more time and support reviewing.

Why Do I Promote These Resources?

I have decided to really push for other schools to get into the Rising Stars scheme as if simply outdoors its competition. We did try the free assessments from White Rose but these don’t match the curriculum. We also used Hamilton maths, a low priced high quality scheme but it has no books, only worksheets, PowerPoint and projected sheets. I personally liked it but it was impossible to keep up with the content… and I was only a Year 2 teacher then.

As you can guess from this post, I can honestly say I fell in love with the Rising Star Mathematics Teaching Model scheme and want to share it rather than simply be selling on a scheme. I do get a small percentage from Amazon for selling these books on my site, and I thought this was better use of my webspace than simply showing Google Adverts, which probably would pay me more.

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