Random Number Fun And Games For Motivated Kids Who Love Maths.

I love to give my students a daily dose of Random Number. They can take these numbers and solve different problems. For example in this first video the students can use the numbers I have created to make a super long sum, with the exact answer of 100,

Random Numbers Game – to 100

The children love to hear the Chipmunk like squeaky voice, as I read out all the numbers at high speed. You can pause the video after 5 numbers and ask them to find out a way of getting to 100., You could give them all eight numbers and set them the challenge of how many different calculations can they make in 5 minutes. You could be specific and demand they only use multiplications, or you could allow them to use all the different number operations they like.

Game 2:

Random numbers multiplication game:

The students now need to choose their own multiplication times table they want to test themselves on and then work out the answers to each question as quickly as they can. The spinning top, the swaying way it swings backwards and forewords, all adds to the general excitement of the game.

This Random Number game can be used for multiplication. It could also be used equally effectively as a way of subtracting the random numbers from 100. Some could be multiplying, while others are subtracting, allowing the whole class to enjoy a unique level of differentiation.

If you want more Random Number Fun, I have lots more to see!

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Random Numbers Games
Random Numbers Games
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