Random Acts of Kindness in the classroom

Random Acts of Kindness in the classroom, home, beach - anywhere you can.
Random Acts of Kindness in the classroom and anywhere else!

My kids are constantly doing random acts of kindness in the classroom. Please write in the comments section acts of kindness you have seen.

Random Acts of Kindness in the classroom

My kids are without doubt, good kids, every single one of them. They go out their way to be nice to each other. I hold the idea that the primary school class reflects the teacher teaching them.

Children should be encouraged to perform random acts of kindness, every day, and then to journal them. This helps the class in lots of ways. Acts of kindness gel the class together. Journaling what you did and how your friend responded let’s you relive the happy moment and record if for some future time of reading pleasure.

Who should Acts Of Kindness be focused at?

Random acts of kindness in the classroom should play out at all levels, from between teaching staff, staff and children and children to children. I have noticed those teachers who help others the most, get the most help back in the process. For example, today I have a colleague off sick. I will give up my break to cover for him and make sure his class is running well. And to make sure the teacher covering both classes still has some me-time as well. This is what I do to help make our school such a great place. Both the teachers are givers in the system so get the benefits.

I saw wonderful examples of encouraging kindness in the class online. A lot are linked around Christmas time but this should be an important core value in every classroom every day.

How much do Random Acts of Kindness in the classroom cost?

The random acts of kindness in the classroom don’t need to be big or cost anything. All it takes to know that someone has seen you, knows your needs and cares enough to do something.

The acts of kindness I genuinely struggle with are when a teachers act of kindness removes a fundamental responsibility of the parents. These include making sure the kids have eaten a breakfast, are clean and have the basic materials needed to be in a classroom. Food in England is dirt cheap. Any parent who smokes or regularly drinks could equally afford to bring up and feed their kids in a decent way. Teachers shouldn’t be supporting the welfare of their students. By supporting them, they actually discourage parents doing it.

Random Acts of Kindness can be online

If your school promotes acts of kindness, it starts a trend. Children who are kind to each other and need to journal it, start to actively seek out opportunities to be kind and journal. This then makes them think about the natural environment and protecting this. From this simple start, your school starts to focus on promoting and teaching values.

By getting into teaching and sharing random acts of kindness, these can become a part of a child’s character. But only if these values are also in the home. A child’s family life will be a much bigger influence on them than you. But who knows, your seed of kindness may find a nook of human kindness in an otherwise uninspiring, rocky situation.

Be a tigger and bounce your kids into a happier way of living today. Also explore these lovely act of kindness cards – I bought some and love them. Also the catching them being kind cards.

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