School Holiday Activities

Preparing School Holiday Activities

What school holiday activities do your children do? I was puzzling over this question when I discovered this site .. and had a wonderful idea. Children could actively read books and still complete tasks around Maths.

Preparing School Holiday Activities

My son comes home from his Romanian state school with a ton of intensive maths work to do along with a Christmas gift activity book or three, all of which need completing.. up until now, I haven’t given any homework as I thought parents wanted to spend quality time with their kids. Family time is a key part of a child’s education. Indeed, while I am personally responsible for 3% of a child’s educational success, their parents make up 80% of their future success.

School Holiday Activities Don’t Need To Be Book Based.

Children could practice their maths skills by being actively useful in the kitchen, weighing and measuring ingredients. They can work with money and control a budget for buying 5 gifts for the family. And the journal write up all their ideas in the process.

On top of this, set your class the challenge of being kind to one person a day – for a whole year! Every day the children need to take an active decision to be kind and do one act of kindness a day and then write about it.

A Daily Act Of Kindess Can Change A Child’s Life

It is the writing about it that really helps children. They get to remember the good they have done and relive it. This, over time, simply becomes a great habit for them.

As you can see, school holiday activities don’t need to be based on worksheets or workbooks to be effective. Indeed, getting a child to change their attitude to life and those around them could be a more effective use of their time anyway. Happy children also do better at school and in society in general. And being kind does not involve money, only themselves.

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