Preparing Your Christmas Show As A Teaching Tool.

Christmas Show
This is the ultimate school Christmas show – a man can dream!

How do you go about preparing for your Christmas show? My show was yesterday and it wasn’t my finest moment. In the classroom my kids were awesome, totally amazing and I felt on top of the world. I followed on from a great Year 1 show and of course the first graders came off stage feeling great and excited. However as I started, there was still a wave of noise from the theatre and beyond, so my kids had to concentrate extra hard and were distracted saying that, they did So a sterling piece of work and I was proud of them.

However when you look at how much work it takes to get a child from a non English speaking September child to a all singing all dancing, don’t look at the script child in December, during the process you wonder, or at least I do, but then realize that Yes it is.

It took me years to work out the benefits of the Christmas show over other lost topics, as of course in a busy timetable, you can’t cover everything and a Christmas show However the Christmas show does cover a huge range of essential skills, just in a different way. These include drama, public speaking, poetry and art.

What music to use in a Christmas Show?

This then leads me into music. This year I experimentally abandoned YouTube in my show . A bit radical, I know. I think next time I will return to having a YouTude vocal prompt in the background to help them keep focused on the words and to cover the silences.

I did find an excellent way of generating school shows – apart from this year, I have always used BBC school radio as my main teaching resource. The music section is especially good. They provide whole half hour music lessons online.

Then come the debate about the end of show gifts. I read this interesting article – teachers don’t need gifts, just a thank-you and while gifts are great and my son now has a collection of my gifts on his desk, a thank you is all I need. All I want to know is that the parents are happy with their child’s progress. In the modern declutter and save the world thinking view point, as long as I can eat it or use it in the classroom then it is enough.

How much should a teacher be on stage in a Christmas Play?

Then comes the next great debate. How much should teachers be on stage? If they have a great musical talent or dance talent, can they share it onstage or not? I would love other peoples ideas on this issue.

And finally, when it is all done, due to modern data protection laws, nothing should be put online anyway as the songs are copyrighted, so can’t be publically performed, some kids have parents who never want their kids faces online and the vast majority of the video footage on a phone is never seen again… I am as guilty as the next person on this.

So after losing huge chunks of curriculum time, lost chances of filming it all, avoided too many religious messages, what do you get out of it? While you are here, you might also like these motivational maths posters.

A wonderful set of childhood memories, a class which has learnt their lines and will always have flashbacks to the two motivational poems you have devoted a term to and a nice ending to the term. So sit back, relax and know that it will be alright on the night. No-one else will see have the problems you saw in your show and smile.

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