Positive Emotional Intelligence In The Classroom

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Positive Emotional Intelligence In The Classroom
Positive Emotional Intelligence In The Classroom

How are your Emotional Intelligence skills in the classroom? Leave a comment below about your successful strategies.

You are in full control of your classroom. Your personality will be reflected in your children and their work. If you are a calm, organised person, your whole class will reflect this. If you lack meaningful control in your life, your children will be also much tougher to control.

They watch you like a hawk for 8 hours a day and pick up on your mood. They then reflect that mood back onto you with either a positive or a negative feedback loop kicking into place.

What is the 12 truths in life?

Your children’s mood reflects your own. You need to change this from beyond the classroom. The first step should be to make sure you have a good work – life balance. This includes getting plenty of sleep and relaxing moments. When you get stressed, your pheromones waft around the classroom. These are picked up and acted on by your kids. While they can’t explain it, they too will feel your stress and anxiety and not fo their best. This of course makes you feel even more stressed. Their attention and grades drop, your performance reviews drop… and so on and so on.

What is the alternative? Slow schooling. This is where you stop, take a step back and try to teach in a completely different way. The first actions are the simplest. Stop and look around your classroom. How much of your room is full of clutter, worksheets and general junk? Every day, devote just 10 minutes to a daily tidy and declutter.

Make sure everything in your whole room has a place and that everyone, including you, knows where this place is. The books must not be under desks but on the shelves. This makes marking simple.

Then focus on the walls. What do the walls tell you about your class? Are the displays something your kids are proud of? Is it recent or just handcrafted, ignored wall paper? Take down anything older than a month and replace it with fresh materials, current learning and ideas. Also remember more is less. I use to have my walls covered in words and found restricting displays to the display boards made them more effective.

Positive Emotional Intelligence In The Classroom Starts With You

Then look at yourself. How do you approach life? Does it support your positive emotional intelligence in the classroom? Are you a happy soul? If not, why not? Change what you can. Iv you don’t like the current management, find a different school. You can be sure, if you are a miserable pain in the butt, the chances are the school is already making their own private enquires about replacing you at the end of the year.

Next clamp down on favouritism. Your top pupils and lowest achievers probably such up 75% of your time. This leaves the vast majority of children underserved and ignored. You also need to focus on their well being. Make them the centre of your world for a bit.

The next key trick is to smile. Even if you don’t feel like it. Happy teachers make happy classrooms in a fabulous postive feedback. If you pretend to smile, your body gets confused and actually does produce more happiness hormones. Also a happy teacher is reflected in a happy classroom.

Blogging and Journalling will make you a better person.

Start blogging and journaling to support your positive Emotional Intelligence In The Classroom. Every day kids should be writing down all their feelings. This releases their pressure valve. Get them to write 3 things a say they are grateful for. They will start to actively look for these to write about. When you write about things which make you happy, you relive that moment. You feel happy all over again.

If you are at a total loss about what to blog about, like I use to be, you should search for daily blogging prompts. I have 365 lined up from WordPress. I read it then think about its underlying message. Then I think how I could take this message and repeat it in a classroom context. It has made such a difference to my day. I am now a fabulously productive “Bus blogger”. I just sit and write each day, every day on my daily commute. It has taken my thoughts away from the upcoming day and into another world.

Why do I do it? It guides me away from thinking about how to deal with problems with teachers whose actions lead to my involvement and onto more professional thoughts. It doesn’t matter where you are in your teaching career, we all have things to share. Even the newest, freshest teacher should be blogging and sharing their teaching ideas and moments. I even check out Instagram for more ways of becoming a better teacher.

Why should start blogging today?

Likewise, your blogging should be getting to the heart of you. Making money should only come later. When you have a voice people listen to, then you can change the world.

Teach your kids there are things they can change and things they can’t. For example, my wonderful niece spends her life freaking out about climate change and plotting radical action. It doesn’t make her happy. What does make kids happy is to simply live the life you believe in. My kids today will become gardeners. The idea is simply because I want to get my seedlings off my garden growing well and early. I have however seen that we use a lot of water bottles in school and so today we will build self contained ecosystems with the kids screwed tight on so no water can escape and see if plants grow. It will make them happy to watch. And costs nothing more than a bag of compost and some seeds.

So think about happiness. Think of simple ways happiness becomes part of your ethos. And random acts of kindness to your day and all will be well and your kids will bloom.

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