Nothing Is Out of Reach – Believe!

Nothing Is Out of Reach
Nothing is out of your reach – you just need to find a new way of getting there.

Every day I dream of new things. Currently I dream of getting 1000 subscribers on YouTube.I have learnt nothing in life is out of reach. I went out and got a PhD as people had always questioned my academic skills. I then went off to become a fun loving primary school teacher.I would really recommend anyone to use Big Maths (all the worksheets you need can be found here.My class has always struggled with maths. Fitting mental maths into an already packed curriculum is tough. However I took the CLIC challenges and set them as a daily 2 minute maths test, set to each child’s own level, so they are only competing against themselves.

Nothing is out of reach – even becoming great at maths!

The results after just a couple of weeks is amazing ! Kids who have never shown any interest in maths remind me that I haven’t given them yet their daily 2 minute test. A friend of mine in the reception class found even 4 to 5 year olds love these tests.Likewise, nothing is out of reach for a teacher, it just requires creativity such as sharing and selling your own teaching resources on or giving yourself addition training at MOOC list .You can find the time while on the bus, during professional non contact times or any other free moments you have. Educational training is always moving on, and you need to keep up with it.

Here is what I do in my professional development times, I learn how to make educational videos. Remember, nothing is out of your reach, if you try . The big issue is simply find something which really fires you up. My niece is fired up over saving the planet and while I don’t personally agree with her ideas and methods – I love to see she is dreaming big. I am on the other side of the coin, I don’t think there is anything we can do to stop the oncoming train wreck, and so I am focusing on getting ready, preparing my gardening skills and buying and restoring land, ready for tough times ahead. Who is right, only time will tell. In reality, we are both doing the best we can.

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