New Year Teaching Resolutions – Super kids!

Here are my New Year Teaching Resolutions. Comment about what yours will be below.

The first is to find the time to become a daily blogger. It is a really fun activity which focuses my mind and builds up my creativity. My target is to complete this task and blog daily for a complete 365 days non-stop. I’m great at starting online projects but terrible at getting past a certain level before calling it a day and stopping. Every day I make my students journal and so it is only fair to try and do the same.

Another New Year Teaching Resolution I want to get all my class into reading and fully understand comprehension. My aim is to give them very short, focused reading tasks on a daily basis and get them all to the correct level by June. This is trickier than it sounds as my timetable is jam packed. In addition, none of my students have English as a first language and half have some sort of learning disability. But as they say, only by reaching for the stars do you avoid having a mouthful of dirt.

New Year Teaching Resolutions include inside and outside school ideas.

I need to get back into my daily fitness routine. At the moment it is cold and dark at 5.00, when I leave my school. As you can imagine, walking for an hour next to densely packed fancy cars all the way home isn’t something which warms my soul. Bug then again sitting on a bus both ways each day is doing terrible things to my waistline!

I want to find new ways of making a secondary, passive income. I tried to become a world famous Youtuber but it is a lot harder than it looks. It requires total silence in the house and never worked for me. Writing daily on my wonderful Samsung A20 phone is working out a lot better for me.

Everyone should be growing something for personal happiness.

I want to get into my gardening in a lot more serious way. Last year, as I tried to become a world famous Youtuber. I didn’t spend nearly enough time playing in the garden as I made videos. This year I plan to really. Really really get my garden up to scratch, full of flowers and butterflies.

I want to get the work-life balance right. A major aim I have is to write one post a day. Ironically I must also try to resist the temptation to write constantly. My creative passions sometimes overwhelm me. I sometimes get work-life-blogging balance wrong.

Another time management task I want to improve is I I plan to keep on top of all my marking, planning and administrative work. I also need to keep on top of all my teachers’ administrative work. This is rather a tall order, bug I will try my best.

I want to find the time to also complete more online training, develop new links to other schools and meet new people. To improve my role as a school leader, I want to network and market my school (believe it of not, I’m rather reserved in real life and so struggle in these areas).

Getting kids to love maths is just fun for me.

I plan to continue to learn and develop my skills as a primary school mathematics teacher and encourage my kids to get ever more involved in their own learning. My class has three levels of learners and I want them all to become a lot more independent.

As if this wasn’t enough, I would like to also have the time this summer to simply stop. Perhaps watch the flowers grow. I’d like to enjoy doing absolutely nothing. Perhaps a beach holiday and get back into reading lots of kindle books. Maybe even find the time and energy to write a few of my own.

I need to find more time in the evenings to develop my social side. I would love to become more socially active, visit more restaurants, travel and go to the local comedy theatre.

As I have lived in Romania a very long time, I would live to be able to get my citizenship here. This is quite a tricky job as my spoken Romanian is terrible. This because I am too busy on my 101 other dreams to sit down and master the grammar I need to know to do this.

However my much shorter list of New Year Teaching Resolutions is as long as I am healthy, loved, love and have enough money for the occasional treat, I am sure everything else I do will be just fine.

I wish all my readers a really happy, successful year. I look forward to hearing about some of the things you plan for your New Year Teaching Resolutions.

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