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Maths assessment in early years is a key part of showing learning and progression. I have found some interesting early year assessment documents which early year teachers can use to help them get the most out of their children’s work and data collection. It is important to be able to assess a child’s mathematical thinking through play. By asking questions as the children play, a teacher can help a child develop a deeper understanding of numeracy. The more a child understand maths, the more they will love it. A motivated child will make the most progress.

I read an interesting article about the importance of numeracy in early childhood and why numeracy is different to mathematics. This is something I freely admit to not knowing before. In another numeracy development article, the level of numeracy preschool could be linked to the level of maths achievement in early primary school. The confidence a child has in maths is built on year after year. I want every child to love maths and be a confident learner. came up with lots of lovely numeracy activities for early years. I think these ideas are worth repeating in any classroom. The ideas are hands on, tactile fun lessons, which the children will be happy to repeat time and again. I also found another wonderful Maths assessment in early years website which has different maths activities directly linked to popular classroom topics such as castles and pirates. When you start thinking about these activities, it is easier to develop other, equally innovative approaches.

Maths assessment in early years manual and why is it important

I found this wonderful early childhood assessment in mathematics manual. I think would be useful for any foundation teacher to read to learn a more about Maths assessment in early years. It comes from America but the ideas and techniques are very sound. There is also a page about early maths matters which is also well worth reading.

Finding free worksheets has become difficult. However, I did find this great set of free EYFS maths assessment worksheets I thought you would like to use. These are made by teachers in the classroom and well thought out.

There are a wide range of different early math diagnostic assessment tools you can use to help you discover the level of your children for Maths assessment in early years. In addition, I am sure there are lots of practical, simple techniques you can use as a teacher or parent to make sure your child recognises their numbers up to 5, the different shapes and colours etc.

Maths assessment in early years
Maths assessment in early years

Maths assessment in early years record sheets

Here are a wide range of different early years assessment sheets used by childminders in the UK. I also found a second webpage from Cambridgeshire country council, which has more detailed assessment sheets for early year learners. They are an excellent starting point for anyone interested in Maths assessment in early years.

I discovered some fabulous early years maths lesson plans which I am sure will be really useful to everyone interested in Maths assessment in early years! They are well though out and really do make the children think about and love maths! I also found 10 creative ways to make maths fun at home. Anything involving jelly and kids is always a winner!

The Australian website has written a wonderful article about numeracy concepts early childhood. While you are there, also check out their fun maths songs Baby Karaoke page.

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