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Are you looking for a Year 1 Maths Assessment Paper? You will be surprised how many there are to find. I love looking for maths papers, so you don’t need to! Math Mammoth Year 1 Test paper can be completed in several sittings. You can also find the other free test papers in the series. This means if you student does really well in something, you can further test them! The daughters of the owner also produced their own maths puzzles. These are a lot of fun to try with your first year class.

If you need a year 1 mental maths test, I have some on this site. You can try this free year 1 mental maths booklet which is based on the same scheme I used. I also found another mental maths site for year 1 which focuses on the different Year 1 maths skills separately.

I have created the best wigan maths assessment year 1 resources and placed them directly on this site. This lets you solve the problems in different ways. The tests are well thought out and I have just made them more colourful and interesting to use.

I highly recommend you check out the Khan Academy year 1 maths test online for your revision needs. I found it a highly motivational teaching tool. Children can focus on the areas they need the most help with. The children collect points for every correct answer they make. The lessons guide and support the children online. If you want a quick fire Year one maths quiz, try this one. It is quite challenging but I am sure children will really enjoy it.

Year 1 Maths Assessment Paper checklist to see how every child is progressing.

I have found an interesting year 1 maths assessment checklist which I highly recommend. Print out the checklist one a single page. Then simply stick the pages in the front of every child’s maths book. Every child needs to show three examples of when the completed each task to pass it.

Year 1 Maths Assessment Paper
Year 1 Maths Assessment Paper

I would highly recommend the year 1 place value assessment tests from White rose. They are standardised and a lot of research has gone into getting the tests fair and correct. The tests will help you identify areas you still need to work on and where your class is succeeding.

I found a really nice set of year 1 tests which are free for the same and very low cost if you wish to buy a the full set. I will certainly be testing these resources out with my own classes in the near future.

If you like this Year 1 Maths Assessment Paper page, please click and read more about my Year 1 Maths assessment tests.

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