Year 3 maths pre assessment link resources

Year 3 maths pre assessment is a great way of getting the correct baseline assessment before starting with your teaching on any maths topic. I discovered this set of books – baseline assessment for English, Maths and Science for Year 3 students. At only £6.00 per student it makes wonderful value – or only
£2.00 if you only want the maths book! If you want a free version, you can always test each student with a Year 2 Maths Mammoth paper instead.

If you are looking for a year 3 maths assessment pdf, then this is a great example of one. This is great if you have student coming into the school mid-year and is needing to have a pre assessment before joining the Year 3 class.

You can revise using a year 3 maths test worksheet before being accepted into the class, this is also a useful resource. It will help students who come from a different country to gain the skills quickly. Send home, or use with a teaching assistant these additional worksheets.

Rising stars does offer and range of free sample year 3 maths assessment rising stars papers. You will need to login or sign up to gain their free resources. However if you were planning to simply use them as Year 3 maths pre testing tools, it is possible this is all you would require. They also have some free samples for more challenging Year 3 maths. With a bit of creativity, I am sure you could achieve a lot with their free resources.

Year 3 maths pre assessment resources can be completed online.

Complete these year 3 maths test online both before and after completing a maths unit. The students could compare their Year 3 maths pre assessment scores with their Year 3 maths post assessment result and see how much they have improved.

Year 3 maths pre assessment
Year 3 maths pre assessment

Here is an interesting Year 3 maths diagnostic test you could use as a Year 3 maths pre assessment test. This will help you focus on where you need to place the most energy in your teaching. You can also use this Year 3 diagnostic assessment to help you. In addition, you could always use the White rose block tests at the beginning and end of a unit to monitor progress.

While iseb year 3 maths test don’t seem to exist, this is Year 3 maths test for a prep school. It could be easily used as a Year 3 maths pre assessment test in any other school as well.

If your students are more advanced, you might be interested in my year 4 maths assessment tests.

If you enjoyed our Year 3 maths pre assessment page, I am sure you will enjoy our other Year 3 maths pages as well.

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