Year 3 maths assessment paper revision links

I have created a my own Year 3 maths assessment paper here. There are lots of different choices on the internet. I found this page has lots of different exciting year 3 test papers to try with your class. I also though you would like to try the Math Mammoth End Of Year Year 3 Test paper. Finally, you can also make wonderful use of this Year 3 optional SATs paper for maths – which will cover most of the skills students need to know by the end of the year.

I found this wonderful year 3 maths test worksheet page. It mainly focuses on the mental maths worksheets. However elsewhere on the same site, you can generate your worksheets, which is a wonderful bonus for any teacher. Here is another great Year 3 Maths worksheet site. It has all you need! It would look great on a whiteboard.

Year 3 maths assessment paper with Rising Stars assessments

Here are some free year 3 maths assessment rising stars samples I found for you to try – Reasoning practice tests and an Autumn Year 3 Maths test. They are worth trying and do provide a complete solution to maths assessment but they do come with mixed reviews. Like any other test, as they are only a test, they might not fit perfectly into the curriculum you are teaching. I would love to know your opinion in the comments below!

Here is a year 3 maths test online you could try to do! It is timed and online and so it could either be done as a homework or it could be done in the computer lab. It looks a lot of fun and children will get immediate feedback. The bonus being children who did well could always try the following year’s test!

Year 3 maths assessment paper
Year 3 maths assessment paper

I have found a great year 3 maths assessment white rose diagnostic site. You do need to sign up for free but it is really worth it. You can easily set each one of the lessons as homework. Not only do the students need to answer the questions, they need to explain their thinking. This helps them vocalise their maths knowledge. You can also use these great end of block assessments to see if your students fully understood your teaching ideas.

If your Year 3 students are more advanced, you could always challenge them with this wonderful year 4 maths test which will test their skills further. This teaching material would also make an excellent set of challenging homework resources.

If you like this Year 3 maths assessment paper, I am sure you will really like my Year 3 assessment page!

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