Maths Challenges for Year 1 and Year 2 students

I have started on a new and exciting journey with this website. I am moving away from mental maths questions and playing with practical Maths challenges with resources children can find around the house.For example, today I was busy making teaching resources from lego blocks. I also bought some new playdough as I though this too might be fun to use to encouage people to use more maths in their everyday lives.

I hope that you will take the time to share and use these new Maths challenges YouTube videos with your class. I have had a lot of time creating them and I will be adding more of them each night, now I have worked out how to use them properly.

These Maths challenges videos are directly linked to the different Year 1 maths challenge resources and the fabulous Year 2 Maths challenge resources. Over time, these videos are going to become more and more comprehensive.
The best way you can help me is to simply share these wonderful resources with your family, friends, and social network and of course subscribe for more videos every day!

This is linked back to my own classroom teaching – Maths challenges are often skipped over in books as we race to finish the ‘important’ paper related tasks. The parents have now asked me to find ways of getting their children to use the information their children have learned in a more useful and interesting way. This is how this whole website started – to share resources with everyone.

Also please take the time to visit my TES store as this helps me earn enough to continue writing more resources for free for everyone!

Maths challenges are what makes life in the classroom so fun!

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