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Reception Online Maths Lessons

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Year 6 Online Maths Lessons

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Fun online maths lessons
Fun online maths lessons

I want parents and teachers to genuinely love learning mental maths online. This is a weekly set of lessons from Reception class all the way through to Year 6. When the series is complete, there will be 12 weeks of online lessons for everyone to enjoy.

These lessons are suppose to be used to revise and consolidate the learning children have already completed. However, here at TimeToTeach, we take a different approach. As the internet boomed, more and more teachers added their maths videos to Youtube, leaving parents with endless maths teachers at the click of a button.

I then took the idea a step further. I took these free worksheets and these free educational online maths videos and thought it would be fabulous to put them together in a free for all teaching pack.

I am trying to combine the different teaching styles and techniques so everyone learns every day. Before you start a lesson, you can sit down and watch a video of how teachers teacher these days. There is a logic to the way that these lessons are organised and should really help your child become a confident, successful mathematician.

Over time, there will be a build up of maths and resources and these will be freely available for any time in the future a school needs an emergency set of English and maths lessons.

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