Maths Assessment For Adults

Looking for a Maths Assessment for adults? I am always trying to find different exciting ways to inspire adults to improve their numeracy skills. No one is naturally good or bad at maths. It is just a matter of learning new maths techniques and methods to achieve your innate potential. My first step would definitely be to explore this wonderful BBC site – BBC Skillswise – and brush up your skills. While the site itself has been archived, it is still full of wonderful resources and worksheets for free. It will help to remind you of the lessons you learnt at school. And with the addition of maturity, you probably will come back and discover they all now make a lot more sense than they once did!

Here are some great maths test online for adults. Maths with Graham is a great starting place. He has created a progressive set of maths assessments for adults and children. You complete each test and then progress onto the next test. When you start to struggle and get less than 90%, you know this is your level. This is where you need to work on your maths to get to the following level.

Maths Assessment For Adults to improve your basic maths skills

Another set of tests, this time from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.  These let adults see where they need to practice more. There are 4 different areas to explore, arithmetic, algebra, graphs and problems solving, and logarithms. The website is easy to use and you could use it by your self or with a tutor.

Test your math level online free with First Maths – practice your multiplication and division skills here. I spent a lot of time and effort creating different multiplication and division tests. I am happy for people to make full use of them. There are 4 different tests for each of the timetables. You can keep practising them until they are all second nature to you. The faster you can multiply and divide, the faster you will be able to complete online and offline Maths Assessment For Adults.

This basic math test for employment is a good introduction to work maths tests. Here is a second maths test from Australia you can practice with. The downside of this maths test is that are no answers with it. You could always use a calculator afterwards to double check your answers.

Maths Assessment For Adults is perfect for student teachers and nurses.

I have found this numeracy test sample from Aberystwyth University for their students teachers. The test should be able to be completed in 30 minutes. I found another numeracy test from Canterbury Christchurch university which you need to complete in only 20 minutes.

Fun TED Maths challenges to try

I found these fun math quizzes for adults which I thought you would like. There are 18 different online maths quizzes to choose from. These Maths Assessment For Adults are a great way of keeping your brain in perfect shape.

Fun Maths Assessment For Adults – Quick quizzes!

This quick maths test is a great way of getting your brain into shape and encourage you to add and solve questions faster and faster. It starts easy and slowly it gets more and more difficult. I really enjoyed trying to beat the clock! Try it today. By practising regularly, you will be ready for any Maths Assessment For Adults.

Maths Assessment For Adults
Maths Assessment For Adults

Here is a basic math skills test for adults pdf from Senca college. The paper comes complete with the answers. Here is another maths skills test – this time it is the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test Practice Test.

I hope you enjoyed using my different Maths Assessment For Adults and you might even have a few more you could suggest to my readers in the comments section below… I would love to see them!

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