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Let’s start the journey together in 2020. I am trying to find as many reasons to be happy in the classroom as I can. My blog is a mix of teaching ideas, product reviews and lots of wide ranging philosophical thoughts about life, teaching and the environment.

Any school wanting to link up directly to my school, a COBIS member, can contact me (Peter Fogarty) through my office email address at contact@misb.ro. Anyone wanting to learn about life in Romania as part of their project for example or simply loves the same things as I write about, such as focusing on teacher happiness, a more inclusive curriculum or working with environmental issues with their classes, as welcome to suggest joint projects to us.

Let’s start the journey – 7 Ways to happiness.

There is so much to do this year. We all need to get with the program and discover ways of doing more for less. I am waiting for 400 tree seeds to arrive, plus of course oak and horse chestnut seeds which are already kicking around the house. In addition, another 400 seeds for my bushes and cuttings from plants I already have. My kids are going to join me on my experiments in making my school, especially my class, which I’ve already drilled into their 8 year old impressionable heads is theest in the world. It is all to do with a sense of pride. My class are insanely self confident. We will be growing plants for the school garden… their own homes and anywhere else I can get away with brightening up… such as just outside the school, in the street.

Let’s start the journey within the classrooms.

Likewise, let’s start the journey inside the classroom. Let’s make learning more fun, exciting and inclusive than it has ever been before. Let’s all aspire to be greater teachers. I am not asking people to work harder… teachers are too good at that already, more a change in direction. To work smarter and remember why we became teachers in the first place.

In addition, let’s start the journey into improving our mental well-being in the classroom. Let’s find ways of being more grateful for what we have and happier within ourselves.

On a daily basis I will be there for you. Every step of the way, I am your very own, personal cheerleader. I want 2020, as the phrase from the options go, to be the year that you see things with amazing clarity. The year you let go of the past, forgive others and instead join me on a wonderful adventure into the future.

Can you help me add Amazon Kindles to my classroom?

Incidentally, should you be feeling generous and want to help me launch my latest crazy idea, here it is. I have discovered the joy of the latest Amazon Kindles. Using a class set of Amazon Kindle 7s, I believe I could create complete free reading scheme for my class of 8 kids. I tried this before, years ago with earlier editions of Kindles and it worked. The latest version however making finding and installing books a complete breeze. They are lightweight, sturdy and come in child friendly colours. Anyone wanting to buy me a Amazon Gift voucher to help me is welcome to. You can send the gift voucher directly to admin@FirstMaths.com. This would mean we could access English language books and the kids would have fun on the tablets. I also love Kindles as they come with inbuilt dictionaries.

Come and comment daily on my teaching and life ideas.

Let’s make 2020 the year where the primary teaching community joins me on my adventure. All my thoughts and ideas will be put down here, using some simple prompts. Think of your own crazy dreams and ambitions and try to put some of them I to action as well.

The first crazy action should be about reconnection. Think about a lost love, someone who is still dancing in the back of your mind and reach out and say hi to them. I believe we are all permanently interconnected and the people who mean something to you will always be linked to you in some way or another. You just need to reach out, stroke those whispery almost invisible bonds and watch them jump back to life, like some sleeping neurons. They will extend and strengthen your social support network and bring you happiness.

Gratefulness brings happiness

However, with these words of encouragement, come words of caution, before relaunching into renewed friendship, set the boundaries. Old loves are fabulous to you. However, you need to bear in mind and be completely open to both life partners or confusion will reign and the happiness effect will evaporate.

Focus on spending time away from technology.

Also make this the year you use your tablets and mobile phones less outside work. Let’s start the journey of a life back to the 1980s, where being with friends meant actually having physical friends you saw, connected to and spoke to. Get back to writing physical letters and sending real photos. Think how many photos which have been taken on your phone will never be seen again. Curiously, scientists predict we are entering a new dark age simply because everything is electronic and the electronic formats keep changing making it impossible for your future generations to access them.

So what are you waiting for? We are off to great places, we will move mountains together. Let’s begin the journey today! Click and subscribe for your daily inspirational blog ideas.

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