Learn Counting Numbers – FREE book!

Learn Counting Numbers with 2 different stories.
Learn Counting Numbers with 2 different stories.
Learn Counting Numbers with 2 different stories.

You can download my book from either of these two links:

This book contains two learn counting numbers short stories. The first story is about a boy who loves cats. He really, really loves cats and gets a bit carried away. He keeps adding more and more cats to his house until his mother puts a stop to it all!

The second story is about animals collecting around a water hole in Africa. The illustrations in this book are really beautiful. The story starts off with just an elephant, then on each page some more animals arrive.

It is a mix of both a counting story and also an adding story.

The story ends with a lion arriving and demanding to also be given space at the waterhole. With one loud roar, almost all the animals stop and run away again, making it also an excellent chance to do some subtractions from the total!

I love to write books. Getting your book noticed from the millions at Amazon.com is of course really hard. Especially when it is a simple maths book. I thought I would show you an example of my math’s books for children for FREE. If you like these files, then you are more than welcome to check out my other Amazon books here.

Why offer Learn Counting Numbers book for free?

I want teachers and parents to know more about my books. The only way I can get Amazon to offer my books for free is by launching a special offer but I can only do this for 5 days out of every 90 days. In contrast, I want people to see the quality of this work before they decide to look for the other books in my book series.

I do enjoy creating different Learn Counting Numbers stories and I will be now adding more and more on a very regular basis from now on. I hope you enjoy the direction this website is about to take and you share these books with everyone around you.

Author: Peter Fogarty

I am a teacher and I love writing Maths Resources. I thought I would make an exciting new set of resources for teachers, based on the White Rose Maths Teaching Resources. I want to help teachers get the most out of each of their lessons.

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