Keep your head up high – I know you are amazing!

Keep your head up high when everyone else is losing there. Comment below what this phrase means to you. Be proud in what you are doing and enjoy your minor successes.

Keep Your Head Up High – You are awesome!

In teaching, you will find some who seem to make it their life’s work to make everyone below them feel unappreciated . Somewhere along the way, they entered the rat race to get to the top. I, on the other hand, didn’t want to lead, I just kind of floated to the top due to years of teaching experience. The skill is to remember that most of their anger and disappointment probably is coming from a part of their life you are blissfully unaware of. It could be a financial crisis, romantic disaster or an on-coming mental breakdown. The chances that you are their real focus is small.

Keep your head up high – What you do and teach really matters on a daily basis.

Teaching fashions regularly change. They switch from student self discovery to talk and chalk, to topic work, to individual subjects and back again. If you find the system that works for you, then hold onto it. Keep your head up high and do your best. I have discovered there is no such thing as a perfect educational system. The educational system is simply a reflection of society. The Japanese have a hard working culture, so the intensive school reflects it. The British don’t know if they are coming or going, and guess what, they have an educational system to match. I know of long term teachers who have never changed their teaching approach been the leading edge three or four times in their career.

Accept the things you can’t change – you can only do so much.

The British invest less and less into education, have buildings in a state of disrepair and a staffing crisis. The education system is suffering and the teachers are expected to fill the gaps. Headteachers work as the school plumbers and gardeners, and there is huge levels of stress all around. This is where people say and do negative things. They do it unthinkingly and you should take their anger in your stride. As the famous poem says. Listen to the dull and ignorant, they to have their story. However avoid aggressive and loud people, they are a vexation to the spirit. What was true 100 years ago is still true today…

A poem you need to listen to.

You can only create the smallest microcosm of calm and security in your own classroom. Keep your head up high as you are possibly the only adult the children seen in the day who actually has confidence in what the kid is achieving. There are desperately sad stories of children in every classroom. The scale of poverty on the UK is breathtaking. A country which once controlled a quarter of the world’s landmass and most of the seas has been reduced to not being able to prevent poverty and share wealth.

Keep your head up high – the worst is yet to come!

It will become worse as Brexit bites and the Conservatives, now with a freer hand than ever, cuts public spending. The perfect place for a school would be on a bridge. I’ve noticed there is no limit to the levels of funding for crazy ideas. Imagine a school stretching from Ireland to Scotland or perhaps for a simpler primary school, just build it directly over the Thames or between Southampton and the Isle of Wight.

Give yourself a much needed pep talk today!

Be proud of yourself – you are ama

In addition to being proud of your school achievements, be proud of who you are. Keep your head up high when you tell people you are a teacher. Without teachers, there would be no doctors, engineers or scientists. You will probably contribute to someone’s great discovery further down their career track. At the same time, I really do recommend you look at developing a passive, second income so when you can take class life no more, you have a nice income elsewhere.

I have been motivated to do this after reading a scary book on city air pollution. I realise I should be trying to move out of Bucharest and into the countryside. However, unlike in Britain, where the rich live in the countryside, it is the opposite case in Romania. So I need to first find a way to survive on my ecological based farm.

Take joy in your plans and the wonderful world around you.

Every year my farm has improved in terms of conditions for wildlife. Today I went out and discovered 20 sparrows roosting in the tree next to my kitchen. I’ve discovered that as birds pass by, they now stop and feed here in ever growing numbers. Sparrows are new to me. Until now, I’ve only had wonderful, vibrant coloured great tits and blue tits.

In the same way, at school, students who visit our school stay on. I teach my children that they must keep their heads up and simply believe in themselves. They then develop skills faster and feel the positive feedbacks of learning – Sucess – and learning more.

Keep your spirits up with a happiness journal.

If you are having difficulty in keeping your spirits up and self-confidence booming like mine, then there is a simple solution. Buy the prettiest looking journal you can find. Every day for 1 month write down the following things. 3 things you are grateful for, one good deed you have actively done, one reconnection you have made in your social network (the 5 minute stroke) where you have written to long forgotten friend or someone you don’t normally praise and one piece of active exercise. After a week you will really feel the difference. You will feel happier, stronger and a lot more appreciated. I do it every so often and I have always been well rewarded for my efforts.

Accept you can only change in a positive place, willing to allow you to change.

If you live or work in a completely negative environment, move on – it helps you to Keep your head up high. If you find you are always in negative relationships or have a terrible boss then look inside. The chances are you are bringing the negative cloud with you. It is here you need to focus for your own mental wellbeing. Develop a more positive approach to what you do and be grateful for all you have and it will become easier over time.

Finally, you need to keep your head up high, and remember not to wait for the storm to pass. Instead you need to learn how to dance in the rain and discover opportunities for your positivity to shine through. Life will always throw you unexpected turns. Your job is to turn lemons into lemonade, and make use of every chance you have to grow and develop into the best version of you that you can be. Smile, have a lovely day and be great. I know that you already are.

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