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Inspirational Female Scientists

Three Inspirational Female Scientists: Inspirational Women Who Dared To Dream Big will be today’s free book of the day from (5th to 9th of March).

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Three inspirational female women from around the world and throughout history.

Famous Female Scientist One: Anna Mani was an Indian scientist who loved to read about the world around her. Peek into her eighth birthday party and follow her through her extraordinary scientific adventures.

Famous Female Scientist Two: Margaret was clever and curious. Margaret had big dreams. But 200 years ago, a girl could not become a doctor. So she cut off her hair and she put on a boy’s clothes. From then on, no one knew that Margaret was a girl. She became James Barry.
Famous Inspirational Scientist Three: In a village on the slopes of Mount Kenya, a little girl worked in the fields with her mother. She worried as she saw the big forests disappearing, but she knew the power of a tiny seed.

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Why did I write a book about inspirational female scientists?

I am naturally creative. The one thing I do need to do it keep setting myself challenges I love making things and I love writing to keep busy. From now on, I have set myself the challenge of writing a book a day for Amazon.

This means each time I write a new book, I offer one of the titles of my other books free for the next 5 days. The next one is all about a bear who loves colour.

As Woman’s day is on the 8th of March, I want to finish writing a series of three inspirational women book series. One will be for scientists (Inspirational Female Scientists), one for artists and one for sportswomen. My inspirational women come from all around the world and perhaps are less well known than those people typically focus on.

You are also welcome to comment in the comment box below about what you think of this Inspirational Female Scientists book. What other topics you would like to see covered?

Example of story from the book

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