If you don’t change yourself you will never realise what you can become

If you don’t change yourself, you will never realise what you can become in the future. We are almost at New Year. This is a perfect time to stop, think and change.

In your career, you will probably have three different big career changes. It is through changing that you can see what your potential actually is. I trained as a scientist, worked my way up through teaching and would love to find a decent online income so I could stop and retire. I would love to go back to nature and get Romanian wild life back into shape.

However, as I have learnt to my cost, it is important to make the changes to your life slowly. You need one income source while building up the second life style. If you rely on the income from an online life, you also need a second steady income to make sure that when the website traffic dries up such as over summer holidays, you have money in the bank.

The best and only long lasting changes come from within. If you don’t change yourself, then you will simply slip back into your bad old ways as soon as the pressure of supervision has been removed. So start small and repeat the activity you want to happen for 30 days. It will become just part of your habit. If won’t feel difficult. It is amazing (I find) how time just seems to present itself.

My simplest example is this blog. I started it when I was very busy. I have done it every day since. It is a lot of fun to do. I have no idea where this blog will lead me or who it may connect me to. I know if you don’t change yourself, then you are simply not opening yourself to new opportunities and chances. Ou have no idea where your online words go to or if they hit the right person at the right time. The lovely thing about online words are they become permanent. Somewhere online, you will always find echoes of your thoughts. You will be able to re-read an earlier version of you and go wow I have really grown and developed since then.

You also need to realise that change is hard. The older you get, the harder things become. However ad j have said, if you don’t change you will never realise what you can become. All that knowledge, all that experience and creativity. If you funnel all this passion into a new direction, you could totally change the world. You can change the people around you!For all you know, you could be that rock in a tranquil pool. The person to send tipples of influence across the spiritual cosmos. Just by changing yourself.

You must also support and encourage change in others. Change is always good. Change shakes things up and lets things fall in a new order. My son is constantly changing and pushing boundaries. He has short lived passions but this is great. He learns so much from those short burst of passion. At the moment all the local birds have descended to my garden as I’m the only person feeding them I have clouds of birds around me all day. Every day, new species. Species I have never seen before in my garden, arrive. Yesterday it was the goldfinch and the red crossbill. Some birds I love, such as my great tits and blue tits. Some I don’t, such as the funny but very messy sparrows. But all of this is changing me. I now look and wonder how I can further change my garden to encourage even more wild life in.

Change will come from a thousand different directions. It could come from a book you read. I was changed yesterday from simply reading the book Vagina. It explained so much about a part of the woman’s body I never knew. Then again as 60% of British women couldn’t accurately name their own body parts such as the Vagina and Vulva, I was in good company. It was amazing to read and a real eye opener. The funny thing being it couldn’t be too precise as it pointed out as every woman is different and unique, there is no normal. Your organism will be completely different to another woman’s. But both are completely normal.

The next book on my list is how to reduce the amount of plastic I consume. It is interesting as I reuse my plastic bottles as mini greenhouses. I use them to help me grow more trees and plants. I also actively resist buying flat water as I use the tap. The rest of the Romanians have no faith in Romanian tap water. I am however happy to buy and drink sparkling water. So I’m curious about changing more.

And finally, if you don’t change yourself you can’t take advantage of changes happening around you. Look at all the changes which have happened over the last 20 years. It is a completely new world now. From bed, I access a faster internet. My latest phone and Amazon kindle both have more power and more memory than anything else I have ever owned. It is only by making changes in my life that I will be able to access these new features. By changing how I do things I will be able to do more.

While I was getting excited with this post. Something struck me. We are all changing. However some of our changes have been bad changes. The number of people texting at the dinner table, the reduction in physical meetings with friends and a bigger online interaction, with smaller offline interactions are a change I would like to see less of. So remember if you don’t change yourself back to your older way of life now and again, you will also be missing out on things, friends and a richer offline life.

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