I didn’t do it! A Monster did!

It wasn't me, it was a monster

It wasn’t me – a monster did it! How many times have you heard of silly excuses? This is the title of my latest book for children. I have decided that I really should try to expand my range as a teacher.

The result of writing It wasn’t me – a monster did it! is that my class of 7 and 8 year olds has suddenly become more switched on a willing to read and explore new teaching ideas. I simply give the students the pictures to my latest book idea and we sit on the floor and tell the story together.

Suddenly I am the cool author in their midst. I am an Amazon author and this is something they find weird. They can’t imagine people doing more than one job at once. When they join my class and have to learn I am Dr Fogarty – they look confused. How can a teacher be a doctor? Then they get into the swing of it all.

Why did I write “It wasn’t me – a monster did it!“? I did it to challenge myself to dream higher and be a better teacher.

In the same way that I can be an author and write It wasn’t me – a monster did it!, they can become anything they dream of. It is a liberating moment for children to realise that they are allowed to dream and people they know do things they don’t understand. Even writing a website to them is something amazing.

If you want to follow my work and discover the latest free books I will be offering, please visit me at https://amazon.com/author/peterfogarty and you can read my latest posts and ideas about what I will be writing next. I will also share my ideas on this page as well.

I really hope that I will inspire you to also dream and write and explore more. You are so much more than you think you are. You just need to try something and see where it leads you to!

I didn't do it a monster did it
I didn’t do it a monster did it

Please click here to buy I didn’t do it! A Monster did! I would love to know what you thought of it!

Author: Peter Fogarty

I am a teacher and I love writing Maths Resources. I thought I would make an exciting new set of resources for teachers, based on the White Rose Maths Teaching Resources. I want to help teachers get the most out of each of their lessons.

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