Fun Mental Math – Daily Maths Challenge To Get Kids Excited

I wanted to develop a daily Fun mental math challenge for my students. I discovered a wonderful piece of equipment in a junk shop and thought I could really do something exciting with it. I took it home, I played with it and then let my son play with it, then I let his friends play with it, and discovered I had found something rather special. The game is designed to be done online, so the kids watch where the numbers are being made and then use them for their own mental maths training.

For example, here is game 1…

You get a questions, and 8 random pairs of numbers.

Some kids could add the numbers, others might subtract, multiply or divide the numbers. This means in a single room, you could have 4 or 5 different tests going on all at once, every child engaged in work at their own level. You could then set them homework or trying to level it up one… every day I am aiming to create a brand new set of three games for your children to play, so there will always be a new set of random numbers to try.

Here is Game 2:

Fun Mental Math – Making 100!

Kids are given 5 random numbers and they need to use their maths skills to get these numbers to equal 100. The student who is nearest to 100 is the winner. Each day they get a difference set of numbers and can play the game time and again. There are endless solutions. If you want to make it more challenging, you could give them a bigger number to focus on.

Game 3 – Daily Multiplication Quiz

You or the student picks which multiplication table they would like to work on today. Then they need to write down what their chosen multiplication table is multiplied by the random number selected by the spinning top. The waiting for the next number is exciting, as the pointer spins, then alternates between an ever smaller range of numbers, before finally coming to rest. The students then have 10 seconds to work out the answer and the spinner is spun again.

The great thing about this game is different children can all do the same test together and simply work on different times tables. The children can even work at a lower level and use these random numbers to subtract from 100.

If you are looking for more mental maths challenges, then it is worth looking here.

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Fun Mental Math

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