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Welcome to the First Maths website. I am thrilled you have found me and I am sure you will enjoy the different resources I have made and collected over the last 20 years I have been teaching.

I have written a lot of different maths teaching resources and I want them to be much easier to find.

I have now collected them all together and I have created the FirstMaths website to help you.

First Maths is now a collection of all my different Maths Resources I have created, some are free, while some are for sale. I have had over 100,000 free teaching resources downloaded in the last month alone and so I am very confident about the quality of the materials I am now offering everyone.

My dream, which I have had for the last 20 years, is a simple dream – I want to find an effective and low cost way of helping teachers have more time to prepare. I have worked with some of the largest UK publishers to help develop the different teaching materials. I was one of the founding authors on TES providing paid-for teaching materials and I am a highly successful, active author there.

I love teaching maths, and this is why I wanted to create the First Maths teaching resource site to help teachers who need to feel a little more confident about teaching. In addition, I want teachers to also discover the vast range of free and interactive materials out there on the web, and help them to find the best teaching materials for them.

Recently I came across the White Rose Maths Teaching resources and I discovered that there is a demand for more White Rose Maths teaching materials and so I will be spending this summer developing the whole scheme and sharing it here with every other teacher.