Fabulous FREE Coursera Learning How To Learn

I am just so excited today. I have come across an amazing FREE lessons from Coursera Learning how to learn course. You can click here for the course and see why everyone is so excited about it!

I decided to look through Coursera’s most popular courses to find the best free professional courses for teachers. This Student and Teacher Learning how to Study set of lessons is organised and taught with McMaster University and University of California San Diego, so you know they will be of exceptionally high quality. An amazing 2,488,873 have already enrolled in this course and is has a rating of 4.8stars, 64,976 ratings and 18,389 reviews. This is clearly a course everyone should be taking – both teachers and students alike!

You can complete this course for free or buy the certificate to prove to future employers the value of your training. It has been shown that people who buy the certificate are much more likely to complete the course and get a lot more out of it, than people who choose to take the free option.

This course will teach you about how the brain works and introduce you to two different brain modes. You will also learn how to defeat procrastination and reach any goals you set yourself. It will help your students complete more challenging tasks and maybe even improve that elusive quality of “grit”.

This Coursera learning how to learn covers a wide academic spectrum. This will encourage both your teaching staff and your students to gain new methods and confidence with their learning. They will develop turbo charged learning skills and start to really enjoy school and education.

The impact of this course is impressive… 36% started a new career after completing these courses
while 29% got a tangible career benefit from this course. Don’t forget, they are talking about an amazing 2,488,873 people!

As this is an online course, it is amazingly flexible. You can complete it anytime, anywhere – even the deadlines can be rescheduled if you happen to miss them due to other things happening around you.

Click here for the course – try it for FREE! You never know where this exciting course may lead you too!

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Fabulous FREE Coursera Learning How To Learn

Fabulous FREE Coursera Learning How To Learn – Try it today!

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