Don’t try to be perfect – just try to be better than you were

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Today I would like to tell you to don’t try to be perfect, just try to be better than you were. This is something you need to apply to all aspects of your life. From home to work. Love life to parenting.

Don’t try to be perfect – just try to be better than you were

Perfection takes a tremendous amount of effort. The closer you get to perfection, the smaller the return for same amount of effort. You could teach 100% perfect lessons. Observed-lesson standards. However, the price for doing so would be horrific. You would be up all night preparing. Making every lesson whizz-bang-pop. Even worse, to keep the kids interest. Every lesson would need to be even more attention grabbing than the last to keep up. You can’t have perfection in everything so perfect lessons would mean a less than perfect home life, less than perfect sleep etc. The answer is to take a step back and focus on being the best you can be and to learn from your mistakes so you are better than you were.

Don’t try to be perfect – Just be yourself and that’s all you need to do.

This is why people date furiously in their 20s. In your 20s you will have more close friends than you will ever have again. People are out to find the perfect partner. Perfect experience. You are constantly experimenting with the new adult you. I rarely managed to get past 6 weeks in a relationship. If the woman wasn’t a perfect fit in every way. Why bother? I did get better at dating with each try. I never got to perfect. Then I married and realised that you will never reach perfection as now there are way too many conflicting interests within the relationships.

Everyone has their own idea of who you are and how you fit into their lives. It is physically impossible to be everyone’s perfect pal. I learnt don’t try to be perfect. Just me. I now let others tackle BBQs and practical stuff such as carr and electrical problems. My perfect skills are in tea making and keeping kids occupied.

People then start to imagine the perfect lover. This is where things just get more and more absurd. This is because people’s sexual tastes are so diverse. Some people think getting strangled is a great idea. Others would call the police if you tried. Being the best you can be is simply paying attention to what is happening between you and making sure both feel well. I love getting better at this but sometimes the perfect intimate moment can just be cuddling up with a movie.

Being the perfect parent is impossible – just relax and all will be well.

Likewise, I don’t try to be perfect as a father. There are way too many different issues I can’t resolve. I try to be consistent and my son and I actively enjoy our technological races. For example, I will find a way of blocking his Internet access… within a day he will have cracked the child protection code, deleted or corrupted the software or found a spare SIM card which gives him endless internet. I realize that 99% of kids turn out perfectly well, no matter what happens to them. What I have learnt is I now just try to be better. I watch him more closely, spend more time trying to get him off the tablet and let him know he is lived. This is the best I can do.

Don’t try to be perfect in anything. If you wait until you are perfect, you will miss so many great opportunities to be better than you were. I tried to become a YouTube star and ofef to.e my videos got better. However, YouTube videos worth making take too long for me and that is why I moved onto blogging. I think my blogging posts are getting better, but they will never be perfect. A perfect blog would only focus on the keywords people are searching on Google. This is great but then again, where is the fun, the spontaneity?

You will become better at everything as you go through life. It’s like riding a bike. At first, everything is really hard to coordinate together. Over time, your confidence improves and things get easier. You get better. You become better than you were.

Imagine life as a garden – the messy confusion of a wild garden hides far more treasures and joys than a perfect, tidy one.

I live next door to my wife’s perfect garden. Not a leaf is out of place. Every flower knows when and how to blossom. It is a total marvel. Naturally the man is there all day working. I don’t try to be perfect. My garden is a mess. A chaotic mess. Plants which survive are encouraged. Plants which don’t are tried a few more times until I find something else to do there. The weird thing is, despite all of this, it is my garden which has the flocks of birds constantly feeding there, it is my garden with the squirrels and weird fruit combinations. It gets better every year. So be like my garden don’t be perfect. Just try to be better every year. Your character will become more complex, richer and more interesting and that is more than enough for anyone.

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