Daily Multiplication Quiz – Excited kids make motivated learners!

Are you looking for a daily multiplication quiz? I have started to build up a daily set of online quizzes for my class and I thought it would be really great if I shared my idea with the world. I found this cool piece of kit in a second hard store and tried it out on my son. The unpredictable nature of a spinner immediately captivated his attention.

As a teacher, I know how important it is to be able to provide a daily maths tests to a whole class of 30 kids, while making it 100% differentiated from kids who are just mastering maths, to the the obvious maths ninjas. By simply using my daily maths quiz at the start of every lesson, and setting different multiplication tables for different students, it becomes so easy to give everyone a test they feel they will be successful with!

Here is the fun quiz.. It is part of a series of fun quizzes you can find at my YouTube channel. Likewise, you will also enjoy the wide range of different resources I already have around the site, to also help boost your multiplication skills. These are a wide range of different, more formal tests I have generated over the years.

The wonderful thing of a YouTube video is you can speed it up, slow it down or pause it. You could even set the same test as homework to further encourage the students to practice their tests. Another interesting idea is to simply take the first 5 numbers which are generated in the quiz and simply work out how to make a number closest to 100 with them. This is a fabulous way of getting students to use all their mathematical skills. The great thing being there are always lots of different ways to find the same answer!

Daily Multiplication test
Daily Multiplication Test

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