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Colours around us

I love writing a Children Picture Book a day. I am always busy adding additional new books to my titles.

This weekend I added some more maths titles to my Kindle book collection. If you are from the UK this is the best link to see them.
For my US readers, I would recommend this link.
I now have a book about how far is far and how heavy is heavy?

The first part looks at distances, each 10 times bigger than the last. It helps children visualise the distances as real things.

The second part of the Children Picture Book compares the weights of things and introduces the idea of the kilogram.

Colours all around us
Children Picture Book About Colours – FREE Now! Click here

I have written 2 Children Picture Book about colour.

I have also created two books about colour. The first book  looks at the colours of the rainbow and the colour of different foods around us.

The second colour Children Picture Book focuses on the colours a polar finds on a walk, colours in Spring, colours of different animals and colours of the day and night.

In addition to all this, I am now working on my books for Women’s Day (8th March) and I am featuring famous female scientists in one book and famous female sports women in the second book.

If you live in the UK, then this is the best link to find my latest books. I am constantly adding new books to my collection.

The daily writing challenge is actually a lot of fun! It makes me read more, think more and do more. I am motivated to create these books as I am really keen to keep up my daily free book to all my fabulous readers every single day! Each free book offer then lasts 5 days before I need to replace it.

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