The Fascinating Fibonaccis Amazing Maths Spiral Patterns In Nature
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Fibonaccis Are Fascinating FREE BOOK for next 5 days

Description of The Fascinating Fibonaccis: Amazing Maths Spiral Patterns In Nature Almost a thousand years ago, an Indian scholar called…

Learn the colours around us
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The Colours Around Us – FREE BOOK

The colours around us is my latest FREE book. You can order it from either of these sites:US UK…

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Inspirational Female Scientists – FREE BOOK

Three Inspirational Female Scientists: Inspirational Women Who Dared To Dream Big will be today’s free book of the day from…

Colours around us
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Children Picture Book – Latest Additions.

I love writing a Children Picture Book a day. I am always busy adding additional new books to my titles….

Learn Counting Numbers with 2 different stories.
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Learn Counting Numbers – FREE book!

You can download my book from either of these two links: This book contains two learn counting numbers short stories….

It wasn't me, it was a monster
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I didn’t do it! A Monster did!

It wasn’t me – a monster did it! How many times have you heard of silly excuses? This is the…