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I wanted to train my staff about blended learning. However, every time I signed up for a blended learning course, I would discover that they didn’t really want to teach you about blended learning, they simply wanted to sell you something. I have sat through courses from reputable providers who seem keen to plug one educational system or another. Or even worse, after spending 3 days on one course, I got the message…. “Öf course, Blended learning is fabulous… but you will need to pay me to access it…”

Blended Language Learning: Design and Practice for Teachers is an excellent introduction into how to use blended learning in the classroom. It is completely free to do if you don’t mind not having a certificate. If you want a certificate, they are low cost $49 each but do provide evidence that you complete the course.

Here are some interesting facts about the course that I would like to share with you.

Almost 5000 people have enrolled for this course.

Out of 135 ratings and 57 reviews, the course scored 4.8 out of 5. This shows you this is a high quality course, which is worth studying with.

This course is 100% online – you don’t need to go to any college or evening school to complete it. You can be anywhere in the world and still access this course.

Start instantly and learn at your own schedule. There are no limits as to when you can start this course, or how long you need to complete it. You are the master of where and when in the week you listen to the videos and read the latest research.

The good news is this course offers flexible deadlines. This means if an unexpected crisis crops up in your professional or personal life, you can deal with the problem and come back later to the course. You can even reset deadlines in accordance to your schedule.

This particular course is for Intermediate Level students. I will of course now be searching for easier and more challenging courses later.

Language teaching experience is recommended.

Approx. 22 hours to complete

The course is in English and the videos have subtitles in English.

Click here to start the Blended Language Learning: Design and Practice for Teachers FREE course today!
Blended learning can be a lot of fun.
Blended Learning is an excellent career move. Become ready for everything life and school can throw at you.

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