Awesome people – Appreciate them today!

Awesome people are all around you - appreciate what people bring into your life.
Are you awesome? Of course you are!

Every day I am surrounded by awesome people I have trained my class to believe that on the school entry form is box their parents need to tick…

Is your kid awesome? Yes / no

I explain I only accept awesome kids – and for me all my students are awesome. They believe (because i tell them daily) that we are the best class on the planet. The children have come to believe this and so are living up to my expectations .

This also works about 50% of the time for teachers. However, I discovered my style of I trust you so won’t double check proves to fail after a while as teachers put things off, cut corners and do it their own way .. which I then need to explain away to my big bosses, so stick with you are awesome to little folk!

My deputy head, Nikki is totally awesome. We really co-head as she has skills which compliment mine while we both find creative solutions to the daily role of keeping a school ticking over on it’s all four cylinders while also both being 100% full classroom teachers, which means you need to be extra awesome. Here is a 5 day challenge to find real happiness – try to do it with your class.

Where are the awesome people in your life?

In addition of course, I have an amazing level of support at home. I am surrounded by awesome people. My wife is always on the move. She gets cars fixed, food made, companies shut down (I set one up for tax purposes and now can’t close it due to weird Romanian laws), my grandmother makes sure everything runs well and is kept spotless. As for my son, of course he is awesome, he is my boy!

However, knowing no-one is perfect, but loving them for their imperfections, even awesome people, will make your life easier. This also goes for the kids in your class. Sure you will always have a little Mr or Miss Perfect, who makes your life easier, but as a teacher, you need to make every kid feel loved. If every kid feels loved and wanted, despite their imperfections and possibly rough upbringing, you will get so much more out of every lesson. Try to say something nice to a kid who you normally frown at and see the change.

Be grateful for awesome people – the key to your own happiness

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